Safety – Research Your Top

From time to time, you will notice people will indicate in their profile something along the lines of, “I only add friends to my buddy list if I met you in person.” Now to some extent this comes from not wanting to get a bunch of people in the friends list you don’t know (excluding those that gather profile buddies to show off, of course).

But there is also another reason that many do so: we all have a common understanding that to some way or another we are “vouching” for that person in our buddy lists.

Take for example my own profile on Recon as an example (here). Nearly every one of the people on there are people that I have played with or know very well. There are a couple I may not have played with yet, but I added them because I checked their references.

Each time I am approached by someone to play, I check their friends list on whichever of the profile sites I am on. I am looking for anyone I know that I can check in with, see what they say. And everyone on my buddy list I am comfortable with giving a recommendation about me (or not, if I pissed you off, LOL).

This natural network has developed over the last few years has become a resource for players and newbies alike, and I know I am not alone in keeping the idea of a buddy list “sacred” for this very reason.

I realize there are hot guys you may want to play with that don’t have a lot of buddies. This system I describe isn’t meant to replace researching a top before you let him tie your ass up. You need to find out who you submit your freedom to.

But, it is a good start.

Ask around before you play. Check their experience, make sure if they are going to put a bag over your head they know what they are doing. Before they try to fry your ass with electro, ask others if the experience with that top is worth it.

In the long run, it makes for the best scenes, anyway.

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  1. Bo Doppel February 17, 2011 at 4:03 AM #

    I do the same, modulo two people. Though I ask for you to ask me. Some I know very tangentially. But I have met them in person.

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