Shorts 04 – Poppers

A listener sent in a question that we decided to address in this Shorts episode. Here is what they sent:

I actually have a questions about the episode (referring to Episode 51 – Covering Recovery). Where do poppers fall into the discussion of drugs during play (in your opinion)?

So, we take this on with the research that we were able to find to discuss the use of poppers. It ended up being a great discussion that we tackle this topic from several different angles.



Show Notes

About Our Guest

DT Tony and DT Bri are kinksters from the U.K., living in Chester, U.K., near Manchester and Liverpool. They are into BDSM, CP, face fucking, BC, gloves, oral, anal, CBT, TT, milking, dildos, electro, gags, leather, rubber, and so much more. It was fun getting to know them! Find them at



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    The only Sylvester I know is a cat.
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