Sock Powder

I need to credit my former boyfriend, Oneill67 for this one, but I have run into so many people who have loved how I prep my rubber that I thought it would be a good idea to share here.

Some people always use lube for the inside of their rubber gear, and some use talc powder. Sure, both are great options and have their advantages. I have been using, however, J-lube in just powder form. You get the advantage of a dry powder to put the rubber on easily with no fuss and goo, but once you start sweating you get lovely feel of the tight rubber moving with your skin as the j-lube liquefies.

The best application for it, is the sock seen below.

What you do is take an old tube sock that is at least crew length and fill the toe part with the dry powder. The more the better, then tie off the sock as seen in the photo. You want to use an old sock rather than a new one as you want it to be more porous and release more of the powder when you need it.

When it is time to apply the sock powder you simply bang the ball of the sock on the inside of your rubber all about to get a nice even coating. The more you bang it around, and the harder you do, the more powder will get spread around. I usually lay my gear on the floor for this kind of application.

Another advantage of this method of storing rubber is that when it is time to put your gear on you can choose to just use the powder, or you can add your favorite liquid lube to make getting in easier. This will mix with the j-lube, which should help keep the lube around longer between your skin and the gear, extending the time you can wear. I have gone nearly 24 hours in the same gear.*

Hope this helps!

* – Keep in mind that long term wear of rubber gear is not that great of an idea. At a certain point your skin needs to breath, so a break from the gear from time to time is best.

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