Sparky started in kink about 10 years, with his first passion being rubber and puppy play. He started off learning at the end of Stompie’s leash, the founder of, and his partner Squirm, the founder of Sparky later became the collared pup of Oniell67, who taught him a great deal about rubber and neoprene at the start of his journey into kink.

Shortly after moving back to Seattle nearly seven years ago, Sparky met his partner in all things, Damien. From the beginning our goal was to build a leather family in the mold on the Daddies that have become prominent mentors in their lives, Daddy Chuck and Daddy Chris. As Sparky has embraced his own Daddy side, he has welcomed in his leather brother Daddy Tony and his puppy Mikey. And in the last year become blessed with his own boy, Boy Trav.

There have been so many influences and guides in the journey Sparky has taken in the last few years, both near friends as well as those in the extended network of kinksters all across the world. He is looking forward to bringing their voices to this podcast, extending to all the newbies out there the benefit of collected wisdom gathered in this kinky world!


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