Ungagged Episode 03 – I Didn’t Sign Up for This

Are submissive guys (and gals) supposed to just accept whatever they’re told to do by a dominant? There are some kinky folks who think so, both doms and subs. That is not a very healthy way to approach something that is supposed to be fun for everyone involved. During this episode of Ungagged, the puppies talk about how to recognize when someone is either a bad dominant or is just not your type of dominant, as well as how to figure things out when in a play scene and things go wrong.

Show Notes


  • Puppynight!!!
  • How can we tell when a guy is a “bad” dominant?
  • Maybe “bad” doesn’t mean they’re actually bad. Maybe we’re just not a good fit.
  • How can you deal with a situation with a bad dominant or something that you’re not comfortable with?
  • Communication is key
  • Safety net
  • Long-distance relationships


Mr. S Leather Co.

This episode sponsored by: Mr. S Leather. For this episode we feature the Head Trip Kit by Fetters USA.


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