Ungagged Episode 04 – The Devil Is in the Details

Most of us start exploring BDSM, domination, and submission on the sub side of the equation. One of the things we find very early is that there seem to be a lot of rules about how one should or shouldn’t behave. What kinds of things are expected from us when we haven’t learned those rules or expectations? Bndgkid and Brutus talk about the most prevalent rules and expectations to help you navigate.

Show Notes


  • Steakhouse or gay bar?
  • Gay Bondage Porn Star or Country Music Singer?


  • Rules for how a boy or sub should act
  • Rules for other subs can be (and probably are) different than your rules.
  • Ask before touching or interacting
  • Hanky code
  • Levels of protocol in differing situations


Mr. S Leather Co.

This episode sponsored by: Mr. S Leather. For this episode we feature the Unit X-Stretch and CockSling 2.0, both by Oxballs.

CB132-18 CB134-4

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