Ungagged Episode 18 – Just the Tip

The Puppies are joined by the very fun and adorable Martini from Chicago, and they launch into a big discussion about Foreskin Restoration. Martini has talked with Drew over time about the subject. And one of the fun ways we explore it is because Mikey hasn’t really thought much about restoring of foreskins on guys, so we are exploring the subject from the eyes of a newbie!

This is a fun way to jump into this grown fascination so many guys are picking up!

Show Notes


  • We play a game of Fortunately/Unfortunately, you won’t believe this one
  • Foreskin Restoration
    • Why do men do this?
    • What was Martini’s experience with it and why he started it
    • Why is it so prevalent to be cut, especially in the USA
    • The scent of a dick! YUM!
  • How restoration works
    • Is it even possible?
    • Is it painful to do?
    • Success stories?
    • Devices that are available
  • The movements to stop circumcision

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This episode sponsored by: Mr. S Leather. For this episode we feature the Cone of Shame.


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