Ungagged 33 – Dealing With Panic

Description of Show

For many, submitting is not easy. Be it from past trauma or fear instilled in you by others, it can take work and experience to get to a place to where you can submit and have as good of a time as you can alone with your hand. We talk about some triggers and strategies to move forward and have the submissive experience you know you need.

 Show Notes

  • Our Topic: Panic
    • A level of panic from a sub in a scene is natural and could even be desired to achieve the headspace you want. But, panic can also remove you from headspace as well.
    • Triggers – Learn and communicate with your Dom what triggers panicked feelings, and prepare yourself for what may be expected
    • Reality – Everyone is wanting to have a good time (in a consensual scene), so keep in the right head, try to stay calm, and communicate what you are feeling in the prearranged way
    • Solutions – If you expect to have a panicked reaction, you have three directions to work this out:
      • Choice to suppress – Trust your Dom and submit totally
      • Choice to trust – Know your partner
      • Choice to communicate – Have a clear or prearranged way to communicate a slow down or stop point mid-scene

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