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There are many reasons one might want to shave or manscape some or all body hair. Today we’re going deeper into the best methods for hair removal.

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  • In the News
    • Arkansas welcomes a statue of the satanic goat monster to the state capitol.
    • A couple caught on video having sex in a park in Leeds, UK were stopped mid-tryst by a slapping bystander.
    • A 24-year-old man urinated on a man mid-flight over the Pacific.
    • Japanese sex toy maker releases a transforming robot in the likeness of its popular masturbation toy.
    • Columbians are told a good way to keep cool in the record heat is to stop having sex.


  • Our Topic: Hair Removal
    • There are many reasons one might want to shave or manscape some or all body hair
    • Removing hair is a violent act to the skin and it requires some special care if it’s going to become routine.
      • Exfoliate to remove dead skin before removal. Be careful with doing it after.
      • Soften your skin when using an epilator, soften the hair for shaving
      • Remove the hair, then clean and apply a protectorate like a lotion
      • Suggestion: Coochy Body Shave Cream
    • Waxing we suggest going to a professional
    • An epilator is like a machine the plucks the hair out as opposed to cutting the hair
    • De-epilator cream like Nair or Veet essentially burns the hair away. Never use this near naughty bits. It smells awful and is not fun to clean up.
    • We also suggest The Art of Shaving pr.

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