Ungagged Episode 10 – Male Bag

Time to hit the male (hehe, get it!?!) bag for letters from our listeners. We love when we hear from our listeners, sharing their experiences and asking questions that we can talk about. So keep them coming!

Also, OMG 10 Episodes! This is the last time we can say “Dis Many” and shove our paws in people’s face when they ask how many episodes we have done!.

Show Notes


  • When the Daddy is away the Puppy will Play!
  • Listener Letter – Finding A Kink scene
  • The puppies share their first explorations into the kink community
  • Setting boundaries with your non-kinky partner to be able to explore kink
  • Listener Letter – Hair
  • What kinds of hair works, why would you remove it, and how to remove it
  • Listener Letter – Headspace
  • What is a headspace?
  • Different kinds of headspaces
  • And the puppy’s experiences with headspace
  • “Marks from a good flogging”


Mr. S Leather Co.

This episode sponsored by: Mr. S Leather. For this episode we feature the Neoprene Puppy Hood.


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