Ungagged Episode 20 – Double Male-Bag

Description of Show

Now that we’ve hit 20 episodes of the Ungagged podcast, its time for another dip into the mailbag (last time was Episode 10!). Before we do that, we run down some very important stories of the day.

Show Notes

  • In the News
    • Fascist Furries find themselves unwelcome in polite fur-ciety.
    • Every woman needs a healing crystal dildo by Chakrubs for the ultimate in luxury stone age masturbation.
    • Finally, the world’s prayers have been answered. We’ll now all have the same set of unintelligible toilet iconography to try to understand while sitting on the shitter.
    • Dude, bro! Come check out my SCUBA bong! What could go wrong?
  • Listener Letters
    • A listener from the wilds of Western Washington thanks us for helping them feel more a part of the community even in relative isolation
    • Next, we answer some questions about J-Lube recipes. Add Methylcellulose for a thicker viscosity. Use salt for easier cleanup. Check out Drew’s recipe of Lion Cream Lube for more.
    • A listener in a dark place asks for advice with a newly polyamorous relationship that has not turned out as they hoped.
    • Frederik, a.k.a. ToyTorture, writes us about some further information about E-stim safety.
    • PiercedLeather asks the pups about how to achieve sub headspace.
    • A UPah pup writes us to share his connection with the show
    • The pups give advice to a listener with a really tight hole that needs some stretching help.
    • A listener loves the affirmation of knowing their not alone in their perversions, we love them too!


Mr. S Leather Co.

This episode sponsored by: Mr. S Leather. For this episode we feature the Frisky Rubber Pup Hood.












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