Ungagged Episode 22 – The Best Played Plans

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The best play scenes involve planning, but too much can ruin spontaneity. In this episode of Ungagged, the puppies talk about how that balance can be achieved without thinking you are in a business meeting while you play.

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  • Making Play Scenes Hot but Not Scripted
    • Even if it seems overkill, making a full itinerary can still be very helpful, especially for newer subs.
    • Scenes involving VR can be especially fun, but it really involves a lot of planning and setup since you really do not want to fiddle with it during the scene.
    • Having a good electro-stim scene also involves a lot of planning….namely seeing what the limits are for each participant beforehand to avoid boredom or too much pain.
    • Each participant also should plan ahead for what their bodies will be doing during the scene.
      • If you will be bottoming, then you want to be sure you are clean down there.
      • If you will be in a particular position for any length of time, then you should be sure that your body and your muscles are fit enough to stay in that position.
    • The Golden Rule does not always apply: The dom may want to put their assumptions away on what will feel good to the sub and ask a lot of questions to the sub on what feels good and what does not.
    • The Boy Scout Rule: Be prepared! Everything will not work during a scene, so have some alternatives prepared to substitute in just in case something breaks or something is not feeling good to a participant.
    • Home Field Advantage: Planning and executing a scene goes a lot easier when you are familiar with the space you are playing in. The dom in a scene playing at home will be better prepared for the unexpected since they know where everything is.
    • If you are planning a scene in a place that is not the home of a participant, then pack well! Have everything you need in your “bag of tricks” and know where everything is in your bag for quick access.


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