Ungagged Episode 23 – Before You Get Dirty…

Description of Show

You have to get it clean before you get dirty. The pups spend this show talking about care of your gear, no matter if it is fabric, leather, rubber, or your skin.

Show Notes

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  • Cleaning Your Fabrics
    • Sheets can be an issue during intense anal play…so look to buying white towels in bulk.
    • Know your solvents.
      • Water of course is a classic, but water and salt is good for many fabric stains.
      • Diluted vinegar or lemon juice is also a great, but gentle solvent.
      • You can move up to diluted hydrogen peroxide or even bleach for the toughest stains.
    • Clean a stain from the other direction. Go behind the stain to get the staining agent out quickly.
  • Cleaning Your Leather
    • Stains can either be on the sealed top-layer, or could go into the hide underneath.
    • Top-layer stains in leather can be removed with saddle soap. Get it wet and use a very soft bristle brush to get the stain out, then use a sponge.
    • Sometimes leather can get over-conditioned, where the dye of the leather comes off on your clothes or skin. Using pure alcohol can help to strip off some of the excess oil-based conditioner.
    • Alternatively, you can buy a leather deglazer to strip off extra conditioner as well. You can then re-condition after stripping with saddle soap.
    • Sometimes you lose color in leather gear. Mr-S recommends Lincoln Quality dyes.
    • Bootblacks at leather events are wonderful resources for expert advice on your leather gear.
    • Acrylic or wax sealants can also be great to protect leather in wet situations.
  • Cleaning Your Rubber
    • Simple is best. Go to water, or water with a drop of dishwashing detergent.
  • Cleaning Your Skin
    • How about your butt? Lubes in your butt can be hard to clean. Wipe it off from the edge of your hole outward.
    • Use a saline solution in a spray bottle for mild cleaning of your junk.
    • For super-messy lubes on the hands, powdered soap (like Borax) can be applied to instantly remove lube.


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This episode sponsored by: Mr. S Leather. For this episode we feature Saddle Soap.



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