Ungagged Episode 24 – The More the Merrier

Description of Show

The pups spend this show discussing group sex, group dynamics, and how to make your group experiences the best they can.

Show Notes

  • In the News
  • Group Sex
    • The pups start out small and talk about threesomes.
      • Are two-as-a-team strictly pleasuring the other the best way to have a threesome?
      • A common reason against any group sex: too much going on and too much concentration needed.
    • Play parties
      • The mood of each party can be very different…so keep your expectations reasonable.
      • With lots of other scenes going on around you, it can be a problem if you are easily distracted by sound.
      • There is always going to be a better chance of drama when more people are involved, so be ready and be calm.
      • If it is a party of 8 or more people, then be sure the party has a separate, more social space.
      • Reasonable expectations, but have some expectations and have a plan of how to make that happen.
      • How do you deal with the guy who won’t take no for an answer? Be direct. Try to be polite, but say it in no uncertain terms..


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