Ungagged Episode 27 – That Sweet OC

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This episode talks about how to create original online content.

Show Notes

  • In the News – Craigslist Missed Connections!
    • You only need to grab a hammer to be Thor
    • Seven foot tall unicorn really misses his honey in the black tutu
    • A skinny skeleton gets some smooth talk
    • Aquaman resists his new-look image
    • Straight male shows off for Chun Li
    • He had him at “no homo”
    • Mimes go all altruistic
    • A moment of love shared over pink thongs
    • Lets go back to the barn
  • How to Produce Online Content
    • What is your motivation for making content?
      • Just wanting to share your experiences?
      • Want to have fans?
      • Make money?
    • Just be advised that it is a lot of work to make good original content.
    • Different types of content to be made: review sites, educational sites, porn, advice on kink.
    • How will you deliver your content? Written content, podcast, or video can be delivered in many different ways. Make your own website with a hosting company or using services like YouTube?
    • Be careful with different services that you are not violating their terms of service, especially with adult content.
    • Your content will always benefit from being tastefully presented, so get advice on website design and even have an overall branding approach professionally done.
    • Sometimes you can team-up with others in presenting original content. If you have website creation abilities, you can always partner with others who is good at creating content or have the means to create content.
    • Making high-quality content does require high-quality equipment.
    • Good content creation also requires one to be able to do many things well…all at once.
    • Prepare yourself for the haters: You will get lots of criticism, some good, and a lot delivered in the rudest way possible.
    • Think also about legal issues. How will you organize yourself as a company? Will your content open you to legal issues…like adult content? Talk to a lawyer to get the best advice.
    • Be organized. Lots of things will be going on, and being organized is key, especially when you need to deliver content on a regular basis.
    • Look into content delivery platforms like WordPress and its seemingly infinite number of plugins that will let you add features to your website…like an online store.
    • Since you will now be using a megaphone, be aware that you can create unintended drama.


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