Ungagged 29 – The Doghouse

Description of Show

After game time with Sparky and Daddy Tony, the puppers talk about building your own playspace.

Show Notes

  • Game Time with Sparky and Daddy Tony
    • A game of “define the phobia.” Given a phobia term, describe what it means.
  • Building out your space
    • Dual-use spaces
      • Playroom and (any other room)
      • Lots of spaces like an office, living room, etc. could be a playroom
    • A playspace also is about what is seen before you get to the playspace…so look at your place as a whole.
    • A playspace can look like anything. There are no rules…make it look like what makes you most comfortable and not anyone else.
    • Music is also very important during a scene in a playroom
      • Music gets you away from reality
      • Put on what you want!
    • Furniture for everyday use can also be dual-purpose
      • Look for solidly-built furniture. IKEA will not work and is way too cheaply-built.
      • Hide places that can be used as anchor points
    • The sense of smell – how does your room smell?
      • Find a type of incense or a spray deodorizer that you love, and ONLY use it in that room.
      • Your playroom will smell like your playroom and get you in the mood just by the smell of your playroom.
    • Lighting your playspace
      • LED light strips. You don’t have to get the Philips Hue brand. There are other choices that even are compatible with Hue.
      • Check out Amazon. They have many choices of course.

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