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Hey all!

Daddy Tony and myself (Sparky) are very soon going to be heading out of town for a few weeks. During that time we won’t be recording new episodes of the show. This Friday we will be recording the last show before we head out, and it is a great show you don’t want to miss.


We have a number of shows that we recorded earlier this year that we are very much looking forward to bringing to the light of day! We have shows with our friend from Philadelphia (Phil), a show with Nightcat, the first appearance of Brett (aka Pup Amp), and a fun show about chastity with Dreadfire’s boyfriend Smarmaduke. We will have a show with Mikey’s Ex, which proved quite interesting.

And we have the very first show recorded under NoSafeWord, with Daddy Tony and Sparky talking about what it is like to be a Daddy.

There was a lot of great stories, and the beginnings of traditions that you hear in the shows happening day by day, so this is exciting to share them out there.

For us, we will miss getting to do what we love, but for you out there, we have a whole month of great shows to keep it all going.  Then we will be on fresh new shows coming in August!

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