Pup Jet: What is the difference between puppies and furries?

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In the continuing effort to explore this discussion, I have had with a few pups I know about the differences between pups and furries, we are going to turn now to Pup Jet.

I will have to admit that I don’t know him as well as I would like, we have talked a good deal via IM and have met a few times now at events, but haven’t had the chance to really spend much time with him! I am looking forward to, however, for one simple reason. Having once been a pup myself I learned to trust my instincts, especially when sniffing out genuine people, and this pup is one of them. The kind of person that wants nothing from anyone other than to be treated well, and has no agenda other than to be a good pup and a good boy. I like that, and think that many people, including myself, can learn from that. I am very much looking forward to seeing him again soon at IML.

Pup Jet

Pup JetI have been asked to write a short bit about my feeling on the differences between pup play and furry. Let me start by saying read rubberfiendʼs and Pup Donʼs posts first. While I have my own take on things but they did a wonderful job and I will reference their work in here.

I am a gay rubber pup who is also a fur. Unlike rubberfiend, I found rubber/kink first, then came out to myself many years later, and then not long after discovered furry. So while it is a slightly different road than he or others may have taken the path to understanding who oneself led to similar places.

To me the key point that both rubberfiend and Pup Don have already stated is that there is a relation between the two, I really liked Pup Donʼs use of the term “cousins”. These two groups are the same yet quite different and both are unique in their respective sub cultures. While both have suffered repression from outside and more painfully from within.

This pup sees pup play (and pet play in general) within the kink community as a release, a focusing on being true to one’s inner self. Be that a desire to guard/protect, preform for, or just love and obey your handler/owner (for myself it is the latter). Now, this is NOT the same as a boy/submissive being made to act like a dog, that’s another topic entirely, where I come from it is the desire of the pup to be that, a pup. This desire comes from deep within, and the first time I was able to be a rubber pup for a friend I knew instantly within it was who I am. Feeling that unconditional devotion and desire to care for my handler as well as the deep caring given to me by my handler. As rubberfiend stated: pup play is more tied to the D/s dynamic. For myself, just putting on my pup gear (hood, mitts, etc.) brings me into that mindset of the k9 wanting to please his handler & wanting to be the 6ʼ3” lapdog that I am. Hey! Great Danes think they are lap dogs, why can’t I? Don’t knock it ;)

As a fur, I see myself part of a vast yet distinct diverse community. One that unlike many groups celebrates diversity and accepts more so than most. Furry for me is a social release of that k9 side, I can be with friends who are like minded and release into a care free and creative environment. The connection to the inner self is also there for some furs, a feeling of association with their animal side, a release of that side of their personality. However one can also look at it as a way to simply express one’s self using an animal persona. The one key difference is basically put, it is not all about sex, it is about being one’s self. Oh sure there is sex (there is a good bit of that), talk about sex, and well more X-rated art then you can shake a bone at (far more then IML). But deep down it is a way to connect with your inner self, a release and an escape from the impressed norm.

Now sure it is not all people holding hands singing around a camp fire in harmony. There are clicks, niches, sub cultures, and behaviors that are not accepted; but generally I have yet to meet a more accepting group of people. I have found in the gay kink community a lack of acceptance of heterosexual kinky couples yet, I find negligible differentiation in the furry community about sexual orientation.

I recently saw a bit of art on DeviantArt [link] about tolerance. I for one try to accept my fellow pup, wolf, fox, & even kat no matter if they are in leather, rubber, or fur. To you I say WOOF!


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5 Responses to Pup Jet: What is the difference between puppies and furries?

  1. boundinrubber March 29, 2010 at 11:08 PM #

    The link for the art did not come through when the post was made so lets see if this works. Link

  2. Puckerpup March 31, 2010 at 2:48 AM #

    i would say the dif is drama level/

  3. boundinrubber April 2, 2010 at 3:40 AM #

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. boundinrubber April 2, 2010 at 3:49 AM #

    (Repost of deleted comment w/ more info)

    I agree Pucketpup, Leather as much more drama.

    I bet you where going to think I was going to say furry took it. Furry drama is like kids on a playground compared to the leather drama I have seen. Furry has been labeled drama filled and well it is. However every community I have been involved in (furry, leather, rubber, etc.) are all filled w/ drama and cliques. Furry does not hold a monopoly for having the most/best/greatest drama. There is enough drama out there so every group gets their fair share.

  5. Anonymous December 30, 2011 at 3:58 PM #

    I have read all 3 post and I have to say. Pup Jet gets the idea the best. I am a furry, and I will agree that this is merely a persona (or as we call it in the fandom fursona) and that is all. I chose my fursona, which for me is a fox, because when before I became part of the community, I had read some stories and I felt that was what I was: A fox. Becoming a furry can be done by anyone. You only have to pick an animal that fits you the best. However, it has to be an animal that you feel like you are. An animal you feel like you are deep down inside.

    Now as a furry I have RP with some Dominate furs, and some do like puppy play. Since I was in my fursona during these RPs I was already in a k9 mindset, in a way.

    I hope this helps with the disscusion at all

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