Wrapping up MAL

Hey there all

I am at my friend’s house, with a smaller group of us sitting around enjoying each other’s company after a weekend of craziness (some are still playing, some are sleeping it off!) so I decided to sneak away for a few moments to write down some thoughts about this weekend.

MAL has been special for me for some time. It was my first leather event of any type when I first started this journey. It was the first event I took my husband too and our first vacation together somewhere. And it was the first place I have met some truly wonderful people that I am proud to still call my friends. So MAL has been a series of firsts each time I have gone.

This trip was no different.

As I sit here thinking of the firsts that I experienced this weekend, it is kind of overwhelming, and all that I can say for right now is how amazing of a trip this has been. As soon as I post this I am going to start writing up one part, and I believe there will be some blog postings up on some of the other sites that I will be referencing :)

So can’t wait to organize these thoughts and share with everyone!

I also want to take a moment while riding this high to thank everyone. I got a lot of positive comments this weekends, from friends and strangers alike, about this blog and what I have shared. And I am excited to begin moving forward with the next evolution of the site that will be coming soon. Thank you all for continuing to follow and to contact me, truly a unique and wonderful experience!


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One Response to Wrapping up MAL

  1. Bo Doppel January 18, 2011 at 9:13 PM #

    It was really fun meeting you this weekend, Sparky!! :-)

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