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Episode 69 – Fenn

One of the primary goals of our show is not only to bring on experts about kink, but to also highlight individuals within our community. By learning about each other, where we come from and where we are going, we grow and get better in our kinks.

Having Fenn on the show is another chance for us to get to know a unique and fun individual from our kink world. Sparky has known him for a few years now, and it was a good time hearing some new stories from him. We will learn about who he is, some stories about his time as the Mister International Rubber, and talk about some interesting topics beyond that.

Hope you enjoy!

Ooh, also, we mention during the show that Pup Squeak is tied to the table. Left on a little bit extra from the end for the funny ending of the show and the conclusion to the poor pup’s ordeal. Be sure to listen to the end!

Show Notes

In the News

Discussion Topics

  • Who is Fenn?
  • Events – Where to find Fenn
  • Past MIR
  • Pet Peeve

About Our Guest

Fenn is a kinky gear head from Canada’s most populated, and some might argue kinkiest, city, Toronto. Mr Leather 101s 2007, Mr Rubber Toronto 2010 and Mr International Rubber 2010. He has been part of the kink seen since the early oughts and enjoys both play and social aspects of the kink community. Former chair and current web master for 2bkinky.com which organizes educational seminars for the Toronto area on kink and fetish as well as some demos. He can be found on twitter at @ProprUseOfIrony



Mr. S Leather Co.

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