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Episode 60 – Kink Porn

Christian asked us if we would ever have a porn star on the show, and we thought, Why NOT! We want to talk to everyone in our kink world and get all the perspectives that are out there, and this was a great way to get the story of what it is like to be a kink porn actor. Sure we all look at porn, but how many of us ever get the chance to be in person.

What is it like? How do you get into it? What do your husband or your family think about your job? How do you prepare?

Amazingly fun getting to know him and we were happy to have him on the show!

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About Our Guest


In less than a year after finally deciding to dive into the world of gay porn, Los Angeles-based adult actor and model Christian Mitchell has already shot movies with some of the top studios in the business. Despite entering the industry later in life, Mitchell’s intense features and extensive experience as a BDSM bottom were fast to catch the attention of award-winning Director Christian Owen, who quickly cast him in one of Hot House’s Club Inferno movies for his porn debut.  Since then, he has gone on to star in films from Raging Stallion/Fetish Force, Titan Rough and numerous scenes for online porn sites. 


Mitchell is a nominee for Cybersocket Magazine’s 2014 “Best New Porn Star” award. In addition to his studio work, Mitchell has modeled products for Mr S Leather and appeared in their hardcore video demos.  He is also a model for TwistedDNA4SXY.com fetish home furnishings and writes about various Kink and BDSM subjects for their company blog. An admitted kinkster and blatant fetishist, Mitchell credits his years as a member of L.A.’s Avatar BDSM Club as a big reason for his success in porn  Years of participating in Avatar’s public “safe, sane and consensual” BDSM demonstrations gave him the confidence to step in front of the camera. Mitchell strongly believes that safe sex saves lives and, as a result, he only stars in roles using condoms, gloves and recognized safe sex practices.    


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