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Episode 25 – Serious Bondage

Anyone that is a fan of Serious Male Bondage will remember seeing our own Daddy Tony and Mikey playing in several scenes on the site. They have been friends with the team over at Serious Bondage for a few years now.

When Dalton and Obsidian decided to stop in Seattle on the first leg of their vacation, it was obvious to ask them to come on the show. Even after driving all day up from San Francisco, they were still willing to join us for a night of just bondage discussion.

We cover a lot of different angles, and we learn a lot about what it takes to do bondage in both a personal and work balance. We had a lot of fun with this one!


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Dalton and Obsidian have been serious players for many years, as well as being married. They started Serious Bondage to help further the cause of open sexuality and safe bondage for bondage’s sake. They’ve made a serious business by posting play images and videos on their website of their own play as well as that of their friends. Find them at Serious Bondage (M/F) or Serious Male Bondage (M/M).

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