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Episode 61 – Dreadfire

For this episode we have on our old roommate, Dreadfire. He was back in town for visiting the family and we wanted to take the time to pick his brain. There is a great deal of info we can learn from someone that moved from Seattle to the gay kink mecca known as Chicago. What is it like there, who are the people, what are the differences. We also ask him about what it was like to relocate to that area. And finally we also learn about his new love of furries and being a furry himself.

Daddy Tony was not in town for this show, so we asked past guest Nightcat to join us and sit in Daddies seat.

Show Notes

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Discussion Topics

  • Moving to a new location
  • Living in the gay mecca
  • Having big events in a home city
  • Fur suiting



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Episode 34 – Year In Chastity

Back when Dreadfire was still our roommate, a few months ago, his boyfriend from Chicago came to visit. Smarmaduke, or Aaron, might be best known for his blog (archived here) where he to chronicled being in chastity for an entire year! And after all that, he still wanted more… if you are a big fan of chastity, this one is the one for you.

We had a great time learning about Aaron, where he came from and started in kink, including his very first scene involving fisting!  And his adventures with getting on planes now that he is all locked up.

Sit back and enjoy getting to know our friend Aaron!


Show Notes

Discussion Topics

  • Experiences blogging his chastity for 1 year
  • What was it like starting in kink so young?
  • Coming out story
  • What is your preferred chastity device?
  • How do you clean it and yourself?
  • What was the reward for 1 year of chastity?
  • Will you do it again?

About Our Guestsmarmaduke full

Aaron otherwise known as Smarmaduke grew up in the midwest and now calls Chicago his home. After a very wholesome upbringing and religiously-tinged schooling he jumped in ass first to the scene and has never gone back. He broke into some community renown for his year of blogging under chastity… 365 days in a device. He lives with his boyfriend Dreadfire in Chicago. Find him on Twitter, Recon, and his archived blog A Year Under Lock and Key.

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Episode 23 – Twisted Monk

A couple of years ago, Sparky got some Twisted Monk rope from his partner Damien for Christmas, and that is the only rope we have used since then. It is high quality rope that we absolutely love to use for all kinds of scenes.

One of the great parts of being in Seattle is that we have some very interesting Kinksters, so we had to bring in Monk knowing he is just down the road from us. We talk all about rope, how its made, and about quality differences in rope.

You have to check this one out, it was a wild one!


Show Notes

In the News

Discussion Topics

  • Live Show Report from the IML contest – Dreadfire
  • How did you get into rope as a kink?
  • Why did you start selling it?
  • Recommendations on rope
  • How novices should learn how to use it better
  • How to take care of it and make good rope last
  • Advice on working with rope in general

About Our Guest

Monk is the proprietor of Twisted Monk, which makes high quality hemp rope made especially for the use of binding humans. He lives in Seattle with his wife. Check out his merch at twistedmonk.com.

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Episode 01 – Starting It All

Episode 1 of the NoSafeWord Podcast is now live, and we couldn’t be more excited to begin this show to share with you all. We are so looking forward to having conversations with all the kinksters out there, from the most green newbie to the elders of our community, and everyone in between. We want to talk with everyone who is a part of this tribe. It is by sharing our experiences with each other that we can learn and grow. We have already started recording shows for weeks now, and have some exciting interviews that you are going to love!

In this episode we focus on introducing you to our hosts, Daddy Tony and Sparky, as well as the rest of the crew of NoSafeWord. And a special interview for our first episode you just have to hear to believe!

Stay tuned for more from NoSafeWord!


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Discussion Topics

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