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Episode 175 – Pup Identity

Douchepickle of the week: AFA – skidmarks, assholes, soccer mom’s – oh my!  Daddy goes a bit dark on the feelings he has about the American Family Association and gender-neutral bathrooms.

Summary and notes of show

Show Notes

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  • Started with items noticed locally – local groups seem to be made up of a lot of non-traditional puppies – how to make sure they feel welcome and included without compromising anyone’s headspace.
    •  Distracting at moshes and with other puppies headspaces at time.
  • Sparky has never moshed!
  • Daddy is not quite up to date on the topic – but has seen a bit and can totally identify with the headspace concerns.
  • Fursuits at the rubbout party – respect that it’s their thing, but stood out in the environment – was afraid of shedding!
    • Brutus: Traditional ‘RePUPlican’ values but want’s to ensure everyone is included.
    • Ansel: Easy transition for furries to pup headspace – many furry groups are ‘G-rated’ – puppy communities tend to be more allowing of this.
  • Brutus was a furry – was a fox, then a lion, then a dog, now a ‘me’ – but never felt a ‘furry headspace’.  First ‘taste’ of headspace.
  • Daddy wants to know: What is ‘Antelope’ / ‘Reindeer’ / ‘etc’ headspace?  Is it like pup headspace?  How do they see it fitting into the puppy community.
  • If you are not a puppy and not in a puppy headspace – is it appropriate for you to participate in a puppy mosh where the assumption is that this is for ‘pup space’ – vs. something more open?  Is that offensive?
    • All-skate / Public swim
  • Remember: people have made the transition from puppy to furry as well.
  • Daddy: That gives puppies a fun place to go – but where do other animals go?  Do they have a (e.g.)skunk mosh for people to have their own outlet?
  • Label of ‘puppy’ compared to the label ‘leather’ – we are still defining this as a group.
  • What does it mean to be a puppy?
  • How can we make sure that everyone is included and comfortable without offending everyone?
    • Is this possible even?

About Our Guests


Pup Brutus: Bestest puppy in the land!

Pup Ansel: Also the bestest puppy!  What?!  There can be two of them!!!


Mr. S Leather Co.

This episode sponsored by: Mr. S Leather. For this episode we feature the Rim Rocker Chair.


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Episode 48 – Rainfurrest

Recently here in Seattle, there was a fairly big convention for furries, which is called Rainfurrest. We sometimes think that the kink community in general doesn’t really appreciate the scope of some of these furcons that happen all over the place! They are very well attended and there is a lot going on.

We decided to talk to our friend Nightcat about what a furcon is like and what goes on at this particular event as well as some of those in general.

There may be some great lessons for all of us regarding how to put on a big event so spending some time talking about what they are doing to put them on can be helpful to us all.

We mentioned several different furcons and events, which are linked below:


Show Notes

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About Our Guest


Nightcat has been in the furry fandom and in BDSM for over 15 years now. He enjoys kink and everything to do with it. He has lived in Seattle for over a decade and loves his family of Furs and Kinksters! Find him on Twitter, Recon, and Fetlife.

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Episode 16 – Furries!

When we were recording Episode 15, we had in the audience a couple of our furry friends, Nightcat and Argi, who both agreed to talk to us about what it is like to be furries.

Now in this episode, there are times when we asked questions that may sound like we were coming at an angle that some furries may not like, and I get that. What we were hoping to do was to get down to some of the feelings that keep some in the kink world from making judgments of our furry brothers, or vice versa. Sometimes it is good to ask the tough questions, and I think that there will be more of them in future episodes.

At the same time, it is our usual format of cray cray fun for most of it, so sit back and enjoy!


Show Notes

In the News

Discussion Topics

  • What are Furries?
  • How did you both get into furrydom?
  • What do you identify as in fur?
  • About that “awkward” conversation


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