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Ungagged Episode 26: All Glory to Hypnotoad

Description of Show

This episode of Ungagged is all about hypnosis. We discuss in detail the stages of hypnosis, things to keep in mind before considering it, and resources to help you get started.

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Mr. S Leather Co.

This episode sponsored by: Mr. S Leather. For this episode we feature Front Buckle Gag.


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Audience Responses to Episode 40 Questions

During Episode 40 with Neil we put out some questions to our listeners, both via our twitter feed and to the group of guys we had over for the show’s recording. There were a lot of interesting answers to the questions, and since we were not able to get to them all we thought we would share them here with you!


Do you have a fantasy involving hypno? Tell us what it is!

  • Yes to be completely turned into a submissive puppy !
  • The text book one. Going to a hypno session with a hot guy and ‘waking up’ all tied up and playing bondage games
  • To be more comfortable while in bondage
  • Forcibly hypnotized to follow directions and act like a mindless puppy
  • I have a fantasy about being hypnotized, abducted and taken to a place where I m used to feed a tribe of men who worship me for my cock
  • Making a guy (or me) really horny (or helping enhance the libido) – off the charts horny – then making it difficult or impossible to achieve orgasm
  • Yes to be hypnotized into believing I’m being sung to by Uncle Jesse era John Stamos. He is singing “Do You Think I’m Sexy)

If you had the ability to effectively hypnotize someone else, what would you be excited to hypno them to do?

  • massaging my feet
  • I’d make everyone into puppies!!!!! :D
  • Can I hypnotize them to hypnotize me? *blinks* :P
  • I can and have to a couple people in college. I’m really not comfortable with that level of control over others though
  • hmm. I’d be evil and give them an involuntary reaction like having to lick boots when they see them
  • have them listen to your show! ;) and maybe some other things too. -wags-
  • I would be excited to hypno them into their ideal fantasy
  • I would have them recognize me as Master, I guess. Never really thought about it. P.S., I’d make DFT dance like a monkey! :)
  • Laugh at inappropriate moments
  • Control sex drive by making him horny, or not, regardless of what he wants. Control in this way is very hot
  • I would want them obsessed with my DNA. Wanting to stalk me at the gym, flirt with me at bars, and happy to lick up anything I leave on the floor, because it is my essence
  • Humiliate them, have them pleasure themselves and make them feel like they’re getting fucked
  • Lay there while I fuck myself on them, and/or  clean my house naked
  • Bondage without ropes

If you could ask anything you have wanted to know about hypno, what would it be?

  • How do I know you won’t hypno me into getting naked every time someone says dog! (Or insert other crazy thing here)
  • How do you know what files work and what are safe or how to find safe people interested in it.
  • I asked @Erotic_Hypno a long winded question last week but I’d ask “Could you make time for me this weekend?” were I around
  • How about more case studies (good and bad). What were the big successes & worst oopses? Respecting privacy of course.
  • Well what mindset should a sub be in to try hypno and what can they do to allow themselves to go under more easily?
  • I guess how effective are verbal triggers? Looking to implant one in me to turn into an obedient pup.
  • Can you fly to pupstriker and do dirty hypno-ish things to him…..*evil Wags*
  • Is it brain washing? How far can it make someone go?
  • I’ve often heard hypnotists tell people they will wake up very rested the next morning. Why does this happen? And is that always the case?
  • Does it work on everyone?
  • Are some more susceptible than others?
  • Can anyone do it? Both as a hypnotist and a subject? Can it control physical aspects of the body?
  • What is the best possible outcome to a first session?
  • What are the different ways to put someone under?
  • Whats the most common form of hypnosis you are asked to perform?
  • How long can you be under?
  • Can it work on someone who doesn’t necessarily believe it will work?
  • Why does it work on some people and not on others?


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Episode 40 – You Are Feeling Very Kinky

Neil came to Seattle for a visit, so this was the perfect time to have him on the mic for a show and a follow-up. We posted up a lot of questions to our audience via our twitter account, asking such questions as:

If you could ask anything you have wanted to know about hypno, what would it be?

Do you have a fantasy involving hypno? Tell us about it!

If you had the ability to effectively hypnotize someone else, what would you be excited to hypno them to do?

We spend the episode reading and responding to our listeners answers to these questions, creating some fascinating discussion along the way! Hope you very much enjoy this episode!


Show Notes

 In the News

About Our Guest

Neil has been doing hypnosis since 2001, at first as a hobby (and tool of sexual exploration) and since 2009, as a full-time job. Practicing hypnosis lead him to discover his dominant side and explore the BDSM world. Neil lives in New York City. Find him on TwitterRecon, and his blog The Erotic Hypnotist.


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