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Episode 89 – Alphas

For this episode, we welcome back Bouncer Pup. You may remember him from way back in Episode 05, when he had recently won the title of Mr. West Coast Rubber 2013. This time he brought another fun puppy with him. Kodiak is Bouncer’s Alpha. We had a lot of fun talking with them and finding out about some of the dynamics between puppies when they start playing together.

(And we get to listen to Kodiak’s sexy voice. Wruff!)

Show Notes

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Discussion Topics

  • What is an alpha? What does that mean to them?
  • Kodiak’s kink world
  • How did they figure out they were pups?
  • How does one find an alpha pup or handler?

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About Our Guests

Pup Kodiak is a 31-year old kinkster into rubber, leather, bondage, and anything tight, restrictive, and shiny. He’s been into kink since the tender age of 14 but wasn’t turned into a pup and collared by Rubberpooka till 2010. Kodiak  has been a resident of the Bay Area for 8 years. He is now Alpha to Pup Bouncer from Sacramento  as well as to a pack consisting of Pups Biff, Hans, and Newly from San Jose, California. Kodiak, like most pups, enjoys going outside (travelling), good food (cooking and eating), frolicking with other pups (pinning them down and tying them up) and playing fetch, though the latter usually ends up with a ball duct-taped shut inside his mouth by his sadistic handler Pooka.

Bouncer is a 27-year old kinky canine gimp primarily into rubber and bondage from the central valley of California. In the two short years he’s had to explore his kinks, he has joined a Bay Area rubber club (Rubber Men of San Francisco), won the title of Mr. West Coast Rubber 2013, and made numerous life-long connections and friends within the fetish community as a whole. Bouncer recently competed for the Mr. International Rubber title, and it was there, in Chicago, that he met his current Alpha, Kodiak. He continues to explore his kinks with his (very kinky) Alpha, and continues to meet new people and explore as many facets of the fetish community as he can while traveling around the country.

Mr. S Leather Co.

This episode sponsored by: Mr. S Leather. For this episode we feature the Stryker Pant by Cellblock 13.

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