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Episode 239 – History of Latex Fetishism

Description of Show

Today we’re talking with a young enthusiastic rubber fetishist who created a popular YouTube video about the history of the fetish. We also talk about how it’s changed over the generations and penetrated modern pop culture.

 Show Notes

  • What Now?
    • Happy New Year? Time for a fresh start and new energy!
  • In the News
    • The HIV/AIDS Council has imploded and it’s uncertain when or if it will be restored. This handicaps the federal government’s ability to continue to reduce new infections and fight the epidemic in the face of a population that is growing more complacent.
    • Kink Yoga is a new way to combine sex with the benefits of Yoga to the body and mind.
  • Our Guest Today – Whiteout
    • Whiteout is a rubber fetishist who recently made a popular YouTube video, The History of Latex Fetishism
    • The raincoat made by Charles Mackintosh was the first widespread rubber clothing that kicked off further development and iterations of new kinds of clothing through the next century. With the internet, it’s become more accessible today than ever.
    • We were introduced to Whiteout by our friend Kinkidiver, previously on Episode 94 – The Last Half Mile and 180 – Like a Fine Wine…, who has been active in the rubber community for many years.
    • The rubber community doesn’t have a resource to maintain the history of the community like the Leather Archives and Museum. The Canadian Lesbian + Gay Archives maintains some resources.
    • Rubber is becoming more mainstream in popular and straight culture. Price is dropping and accessibility is improving, but knowledge about care and quality needs to be more widespread.

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Deluxe Slapper

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Episode 152 – ToyTorture

In this show we interview ToyTorture, a fun kinkster from Kink Heav– I mean Germany! We talk about his life experience growing up kinky and how he started his toy review website ToyTorture.com. We compare the differences in the various kink-cultures he’s gotten to experience and the expansion of kink culture.

Show Notes


About Our Guest

Growing up in a rural area of the coast of nothern Germany Frederik was kinky dirty boy before he even knew the word “sex”. Once he discovered the internet he was soon all over the (porn) place. Being a shy and introverted yet happy pig who is willing to try everything at least twice he is almost always open for a good discussion about BDSM history and theory, play scenes and snuggles.

To let others participate on his quest of finding the best toys for great scenes and to give something back to the community, he started ToyTorture.com in 2012 a website focusing on reviewing BDSM toys and helping new people into the sometimes overwhelmingly complex world of BDSM. Through his website he got to know our own Drew Lion who he started off on his “real” journey into kink on a trip to San Francisco.

When he is not working (for his website) or is looking for love in all the wrong places he enjoys going to the gym, reading, playing PC and table top RPGs and way too much baking cakes. You can follow his kinky live on Recon, PlanetRomeo, Twitter and of course ToyTorture.com.


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This episode sponsored by: Mr. S Leather. For this episode we feature the Double Strap Suspender Harness.


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Episode 14 – Rubbout Recap

Sparky and Boy Trav got the chance to head to the 22nd Rubbout weekend up in Vancouver BC! It was a great time, and we wanted to share with you some of the adventures we had up there.

We do highly recommend you heading on over to Reid’s blog, as he is one of the organizers and can give the best review possible, which is exactly what he did!

We are also joined by one of the prize winners from the event, Brett.



Show Notes

In the News

Discussion Topics

  • Bar night
  • Gear Swap
  • Pup Play thing
  • Rubber play party
  • Brunch


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Episode 05 – Bouncer, Mr. West Coast Rubber

This week we talk with the newly sashed Mr. West Coast Rubber, Bouncer Pup. He tells us all about his start and the wild ride he has had since he started in kink just a short while ago. We have a great time getting to know him more and what he is getting into, pressing limits and running for the new rubber title!

It was wonderful getting to know him more, hope you enjoy it as well!


Show Notes

In the News

Discussion Topics

  • How he got into kink and his time within the kink community thus far
  • Being kinky in Sacremento
  • Pushing Limits and how pushing my limits has shaped me as a kinkster
  • My WCR trip/contest weekend and what winning a title and being a title holder was and has been like

About Our Guest

I’m Bouncer Pup and I’m your regional rubber title holder for the west coast, not to mention a playful puppy dog who likes to chase things, bark at squirrels and kitties and have fun! What I’m all about is spreading rubber fun and kinky sexual expression to the masses; both the uninitiated and those already in our community who enjoy having fun in and out of the playroom!

I love meeting new people and making new friends and as the west coast titleholder for 2013 I hope to have fun putting on events and engaging fellow kinksters within and without the region.  Also, as a member of the Rubber Men of San Francisco I love helping to put on events with the club that draw in pervs from outside our region and bring new people into the world of rubber kink.  We have upcoming events usually each month that you can check out on our website: www.rmsf.org

2013 is already off to an incredible start and looks like it’ll be a year full of amazing experiences! I look forward to sharing in all that I can with the rest of you guys!

See ya around at these following events:  Mr. New England Rubber Contest 2013, IML 2013, Dore Alley in SF and Folsom Street Fair SF just to name a few!  Not to mention other trips taken throughout the year, Woof!

Find Bouncer on Facebook, Twitter, Recon, and Fetlife!

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Episode 04 – Rub One Out at Rubbout!

In this latest podcast, Daddy Tony and Sparky talk with Reid, also known as RubberCanuck, the main organizer of Rubbout, an annual rubber kink event in Vancouver.

Rubbout is a Vancouver, BC grass-roots organization that has organized a party weekend since 1991. We are staffed entirely by unpaid volunteers who do it purely for the love of rubber. The event will be held on April 12th to the 14th, with a lot of fun activities, including a rubber bar night, gear swap & silent auction, a puppy play party, a rubber play party, and a rubber brunch.

We talk with Reid about the event, all that is going on at the event, where it started and how it has grown. Enjoy!


Show Notes

Discussion Topics

  •  Jinx Monsoon in Hedwig and the Angry Inch
  • Rubout
  • Puppy contest
  • Evolution of where he got into rubber
  • Psychological nature of kink
  • Emergence of the west coast events
  • Puppy contests

About Our Guest

Reid (aka Rubber Canuck) is an avid rubberman and the lead producer of the Rubbout Fetish Weekend held annually in Vancouver, BC, now in its 22nd year. He is the former Mr. West Coast Rubber 2010 and Mr. Rubber Calgary 2008. Reid enjoys doing workshops and demonstrations of rubber and bondage gear in the Pacific Northwest, and has done so in Vancouver, Seattle, and Portland over the past few years for various groups and events. He has been writing the Rubber Canuck blog since 2006 and has been an active member of Vancouver Men in Leather since 2008. He lives with his partner Paul and is also active with the gay running, swimming and cycling groups in Vancouver. Follow him on Twitter, or his blog.


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Sock Powder

I need to credit my former boyfriend, Oneill67 for this one, but I have run into so many people who have loved how I prep my rubber that I thought it would be a good idea to share here.

Some people always use lube for the inside of their rubber gear, and some use talc powder. Sure, both are great options and have their advantages. I have been using, however, J-lube in just powder form. You get the advantage of a dry powder to put the rubber on easily with no fuss and goo, but once you start sweating you get lovely feel of the tight rubber moving with your skin as the j-lube liquefies.

The best application for it, is the sock seen below.

What you do is take an old tube sock that is at least crew length and fill the toe part with the dry powder. The more the better, then tie off the sock as seen in the photo. You want to use an old sock rather than a new one as you want it to be more porous and release more of the powder when you need it.

When it is time to apply the sock powder you simply bang the ball of the sock on the inside of your rubber all about to get a nice even coating. The more you bang it around, and the harder you do, the more powder will get spread around. I usually lay my gear on the floor for this kind of application.

Another advantage of this method of storing rubber is that when it is time to put your gear on you can choose to just use the powder, or you can add your favorite liquid lube to make getting in easier. This will mix with the j-lube, which should help keep the lube around longer between your skin and the gear, extending the time you can wear. I have gone nearly 24 hours in the same gear.*

Hope this helps!

* – Keep in mind that long term wear of rubber gear is not that great of an idea. At a certain point your skin needs to breath, so a break from the gear from time to time is best.

sock powder



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E7 Gear!

One of the things that I was shopping for at IML this year was some new rubber. Last year I purchased a rubber singlet from Recon, but unfortunately the thing lasted 6 months before it failed on me in the middle of a scene (ugh!) so I was hoping for something a little more reliable and of higher quality.

Prior to heading to the event I cruised the list of vendors and noticed the E7 listing, checked out their stuff online, and immediately knew this was going to be one of the must stops on my tour through the mart, and they didn’t disappoint.

Now my partner will likely say that my purchases from E7 was partially influenced by the attention of the sales boy, Skinboy1, and he would be partly right. He was incredibly helpful, and very complimentary of my first item I tried on, the Surfsuit shown below (mine doesn’t have the red stripe). After trying it on I know that I had to have it and immediately purchased it. This is the suit that I wore under the bondage suit listed in my recent IML story.

At the same time I also purchased a set of matching arm bands, which makes for a fun look all the way around, and I have been wearing them often since.

On the second trip to the leather mart I took a look at a zip front shirt that caught my eye, as it was all in yellow (also pictured below). Now I have only recently started to get into colored rubber gear, having just purchased a blue shirt from Ebay shortly before the event, and finding the different colors fun. Perhaps donning this yellow shirt for the Sunday night hangout in the lobby helped with the fun had with the owner of E7, which was a great cap for that night.

The gear is all very well done, and a nice thickness. I know that my future rubber gear purchases will be coming from this site, and I encourage you to check them out as well! You won’t be disappointed.

Check them out at their website: http://www.e7gear.com/

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