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Episode 126 – Kinky Discordant

Many of us are fortunate to be in relationships with other kinky guys. Some of us aren’t for a variety of reasons — we discovered our kinky interests while already in a relationship or simply because we sometimes can’t control whom we fall in love with. So how do we handle our sex lives when we as kinky guys are madly in love with guys who are totally vanilla?

We received a letter from one of our faithful listeners who describes one such situation. So we talk through many of the issues surrounding a “kinky discordant” relationship, including several options that may be available.

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Mr. S Leather Co.

This episode sponsored by: Mr. S Leather. For this episode we feature the Stealth Cocksucker Hood.


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Episode 96 – Campy Puppies

The puppies are invading! Quick, grab ’em by the collar!

For this episode, we have a bunch of puppies (and one kitty) telling us about a bunch of upcoming events. There is a contest coming up in about two weeks for 2015 Northwest Puppy and Handler. We touch on some of the recent passings in the puppy and leather communities in the past couple of months. Finally, we talk about SEA-PAH’s campout coming up in three weeks.

2015 Northwest Puppy and Handler info

Camp K-9 web info

Show Notes

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Discussion Topics

  • Northwest Puppy and Handler Contest
  • Recent losses to the community
  • Puppy Camping Trip

About Our Guests

Our guests have all been with us on the NoSafeWord Show previously. Pup Figaro is International Puppy 2015, and he was on our last episode. Nate, the Vice-President, and Pup Gadget are members of the Board of Directors of Seattle Pups and Handlers and have been on the show many times. Matthew is the President of SEA-PAH. Pup Debit is the Treasurer of SEA-PAH, and Nightcat is a kitty on the SEA-PAH Board of Directors. I don’t really know how he doesn’t get ripped to shreds with all of those puppies around. Check out previous episodes to hear more about these guys.


Mr. S Leather Co.

This episode sponsored by: Mr. S Leather. For this episode we feature the Silicone Quad-Polar Prostate Stimulator by ElectraStim called “Sirius.”

EM3104-3 EM3104-300

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