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Audience Responses to Episode 40 Questions

During Episode 40 with Neil we put out some questions to our listeners, both via our twitter feed and to the group of guys we had over for the show’s recording. There were a lot of interesting answers to the questions, and since we were not able to get to them all we thought we would share them here with you!


Do you have a fantasy involving hypno? Tell us what it is!

  • Yes to be completely turned into a submissive puppy !
  • The text book one. Going to a hypno session with a hot guy and ‘waking up’ all tied up and playing bondage games
  • To be more comfortable while in bondage
  • Forcibly hypnotized to follow directions and act like a mindless puppy
  • I have a fantasy about being hypnotized, abducted and taken to a place where I m used to feed a tribe of men who worship me for my cock
  • Making a guy (or me) really horny (or helping enhance the libido) – off the charts horny – then making it difficult or impossible to achieve orgasm
  • Yes to be hypnotized into believing I’m being sung to by Uncle Jesse era John Stamos. He is singing “Do You Think I’m Sexy)

If you had the ability to effectively hypnotize someone else, what would you be excited to hypno them to do?

  • massaging my feet
  • I’d make everyone into puppies!!!!! :D
  • Can I hypnotize them to hypnotize me? *blinks* :P
  • I can and have to a couple people in college. I’m really not comfortable with that level of control over others though
  • hmm. I’d be evil and give them an involuntary reaction like having to lick boots when they see them
  • have them listen to your show! ;) and maybe some other things too. -wags-
  • I would be excited to hypno them into their ideal fantasy
  • I would have them recognize me as Master, I guess. Never really thought about it. P.S., I’d make DFT dance like a monkey! :)
  • Laugh at inappropriate moments
  • Control sex drive by making him horny, or not, regardless of what he wants. Control in this way is very hot
  • I would want them obsessed with my DNA. Wanting to stalk me at the gym, flirt with me at bars, and happy to lick up anything I leave on the floor, because it is my essence
  • Humiliate them, have them pleasure themselves and make them feel like they’re getting fucked
  • Lay there while I fuck myself on them, and/or  clean my house naked
  • Bondage without ropes

If you could ask anything you have wanted to know about hypno, what would it be?

  • How do I know you won’t hypno me into getting naked every time someone says dog! (Or insert other crazy thing here)
  • How do you know what files work and what are safe or how to find safe people interested in it.
  • I asked @Erotic_Hypno a long winded question last week but I’d ask “Could you make time for me this weekend?” were I around
  • How about more case studies (good and bad). What were the big successes & worst oopses? Respecting privacy of course.
  • Well what mindset should a sub be in to try hypno and what can they do to allow themselves to go under more easily?
  • I guess how effective are verbal triggers? Looking to implant one in me to turn into an obedient pup.
  • Can you fly to pupstriker and do dirty hypno-ish things to him…..*evil Wags*
  • Is it brain washing? How far can it make someone go?
  • I’ve often heard hypnotists tell people they will wake up very rested the next morning. Why does this happen? And is that always the case?
  • Does it work on everyone?
  • Are some more susceptible than others?
  • Can anyone do it? Both as a hypnotist and a subject? Can it control physical aspects of the body?
  • What is the best possible outcome to a first session?
  • What are the different ways to put someone under?
  • Whats the most common form of hypnosis you are asked to perform?
  • How long can you be under?
  • Can it work on someone who doesn’t necessarily believe it will work?
  • Why does it work on some people and not on others?


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Episode 41 – One in the Kink, Two in the Stink

After we recorded our last episode with Neil (See Episodes 6 and 13 and 40) we had decided to do a show where we talk just about kink in general. We talk all the time about kink but we never really have defined it before now.

Before the show we asked both our in-studio audience and our listeners via twitter the following four questions:

  1. What does the word “Kink” mean to you?
  2. What was it that you found to be kinky at one time that has become less so as you have developed into kink?
  3. Is there a kink that you have that would be very embarrassing for you in your ‘vanilla’ friends were to find out?
  4. As kinksters we know that our kinks enrich our lives. What kink do you think your vanilla friends should pick up to make their lives better?

We spend a lot of time talking about this and many other things as well, we hope you enjoy!


Show Notes

 In the News

About Our Guest

Neil has been doing hypnosis since 2001, at first as a hobby (and tool of sexual exploration) and since 2009, as a full-time job. Practicing hypnosis lead him to discover his dominant side and explore the BDSM world. Neil lives in New York City. Find him on TwitterRecon, and his blog The Erotic Hypnotist.


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Episode 40 – You Are Feeling Very Kinky

Neil came to Seattle for a visit, so this was the perfect time to have him on the mic for a show and a follow-up. We posted up a lot of questions to our audience via our twitter account, asking such questions as:

If you could ask anything you have wanted to know about hypno, what would it be?

Do you have a fantasy involving hypno? Tell us about it!

If you had the ability to effectively hypnotize someone else, what would you be excited to hypno them to do?

We spend the episode reading and responding to our listeners answers to these questions, creating some fascinating discussion along the way! Hope you very much enjoy this episode!


Show Notes

 In the News

About Our Guest

Neil has been doing hypnosis since 2001, at first as a hobby (and tool of sexual exploration) and since 2009, as a full-time job. Practicing hypnosis lead him to discover his dominant side and explore the BDSM world. Neil lives in New York City. Find him on TwitterRecon, and his blog The Erotic Hypnotist.


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Episode 13 – Last Few Inches with Hypnosis

After the end of the last episode with Neil, we had put out to our listeners the opportunity to ask Neil some questions about hypnosis, and we received several really great questions. So, we scheduled this show as the follow up to go a little deeper into the subject.

We hope you enjoy this episode, it was another fun discussion!


Show Notes

In the News

Listener Questions

  • KinkZombie – Hello my rubber and leather bound cock floggers, Could Mr.Hypno give some resources for getting started with hypno? I have seen sites like WarpMyMind but the whole thing has an insider baseball feel. Any books, websites or anything else would be appreciated. (Neil refers to a book by  C. Roy Hunter – The Art of Hypnosis)
  • Cubskin – Hey Guys. Loving the new format podcast… Still got a couple to catch up with but had skipped ahead to ep6 with Neil and the hypno discussion as I had a meet arranged this week with a top also very much into this area. The Top has plenty of experience but unfortunately he was unable to get me to go under properly in our first play and we are going to try again but I guess my question for Neil is this something he comes across frequently and does he have any tips for me to help me relax and get into the right frame of mind? Working in IT I have quite an active/analytical mind which I guess doesn’t help… Don’t think I’m gonna be picked by any stage hypnotizes anytime soon lol
  • Dan – I was hoping you could ask Neil about what goes on during a paid erotic session. I’m a straight man with a hypno fetish who is very interested in an experience similar to what was described in this article: http://www.vice.com/read/erotic-hypnosis-gave-me-the-most-intense-orgasm-of-my-life . I have also wanted to know what it feels like to be a woman, is that possible with hypnosis?
  • Jpup1 aka Jordan – Hey guys, Here are a few questions about hypno for some more info
    • 1. Is there any way to leave hypnotic suggestions in place for longer periods of time than just a single session? For example cues and behaviors that help someone get into pup space easier or something?
    • 2. What are your thoughts about self hypnosis tracks like those offered on warpmymind.com
    • 3. Is there any way to combine erotic hypno and self improvement hypno at the same time?
    • 4. Are there any downsides to doing hypnosis? Other than malicious persons who would take advantage of you while you were in the trance
    • 5. Can you use hypnosis to help enforce chastity for a sub without a physical device?
  • Nightcat – Hello. I figured I would email you both my questions. So a little back ground: I’ve always been a little skeptical about hypnotism and whether it can really work or not. But I’ve always found the idea of it very hot. Now, after hearing the podcast, I really want to try it.
    • So, about 4 years ago my mom was diagnosed with emphysema. She tried everything in the book to quit smoking. As a last resort she tried hypnosis. Her first session she went into a deep sleep rather quickly. The hypnotist said my mom was super easy to get to go under. The hypnosis worked after a few sessions and she no longer smokes or has any desire to.
    • So my question: Is how your mind works hereditary. You see over and over again children picking up personality traits from their parents. Is it possible that because my mom went into the trance so easily that I could as well?
    • My next question is: There is a local group of Furs in the Seattle area that dabble in hypnosis. Nothing professional. I’m curious about going to them to get some experience. Neil touched a little bit on it and said it was fairly safe. I want to make sure that there is nothing that could accidentally go wrong with someone who doesn’t really know what they are doing. I’m a big fan about playing safe in all things that I do.

About Our Guest

Neil has been doing hypnosis since 2001, at first as a hobby (and tool of sexual exploration) and since 2009, as a full-time job. Practicing hypnosis lead him to discover his dominant side and explore the BDSM world. Neil lives in New York City. Find him on TwitterRecon, and his blog The Erotic Hypnotist.


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Episode 06 – Neil and Erotic Hypnosis

This week we get to spend some time with Neil, a New York based hypno therapist. He talks to us all about the ways in which erotic hypnosis works, what it is, and what it isn’t. We talk about the time Sparky was under several post-hypnotic suggestions during a leather event.

Hypno is a subject that people either are very into, just curious or highly skeptical, and our goal was to introduce the subject to everyone. We are looking forward to having further discussions with Neil to delve any deeper.

We are also putting out the call for any questions you may have about hypnosis; send them in and we will do a future show with Neil and read your question on the air!


Show Notes

In the News

Discussion Topics

  • Erotic-hypno.com
  • What is hypno, what isn’t it?
  • Personal stories
  • Why hypno?
  • The headspace, mindspace

About Our Guest

Neil has been doing hypnosis since 2001, at first as a hobby (and tool of sexual exploration) and since 2009, as a full-time job. Practicing hypnosis lead him to discover his dominant side and explore the BDSM world. Neil lives in New York City. Find him on TwitterRecon, and his blog The Erotic Hypnotist.


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MAL Hypno – The Final Installment

This post is part 1 of 3 in the series MAL - Hypno Bondage.




So, there is a final piece to the Hypno story that I haven’t shared yet. My willingness to write up play sessions lately has been a little diminished due to a hectic schedule, but this particular encounter is stuck in my mind as something I want to finish.

In the previous writings about MAL I talked about the hypno I had with Neil  but there was one part of the story that I have been looking forward to share, and I have been coordinating putting the words together with the boy involved.

Rugbylthr and I ended up at a friend’s house after MAL was over, this now two days after the Saturday described in the other posts. He and I met briefly on a different trip, though he was at the time with a Daddy friend of ours from Virginia, and since then my partner had met up with him, but this weekend was the first time I really got to know him.

He has this great look about him that I love. He comes off almost innocent yet experienced , strong and vulnerable. The kind of guy that can express two sides of the same coin with what appears to be little efforts. But then he gives that sidelong glance that is the window to the little devil inside.

I like that devil!

So he arrives on this night after MAL is over, heading on his way back up north to home, but stopping to see everyone again before getting on the road. Once he finds a spot to settle in, on the floor near a chair I slide myself over near him, and start to give him a back rub, and him rubbing my legs in return. All the while chatting with others, sharing jokes between us, laughing, touching, tumbling to the floor for cuddling and, well, dare I say, heavy petting (as a pup, I have always loved that phrase).

Now, in the previous stories I talked to you about the hypno and how it felt, including the effects of the “Orgasm” suggestion. Neil only had to grip my wrist and I would feel this wave of orgasms flood over my body, over and over. Had I been in the right mind to count, the count must have been in the mid double digits at least. But by the end of the night it was deminishing, and by the next day all that remained when Neil would grab my wrist was just kind of a tingle, or an echo of a tingle is a better way to put it.

And mind you, through it all, grabbing my wrist didn’t work for anyone else to give me an orgasm, just Neil. That is what made what happened next so surprising.

I was trying to draw out this playful part on the floor for as long as I thought I could, but there was too many people around for my liking, so we headed on up to the guest room. At this point, I am going to share what the boy wrote:

Between the legs of a sexy Daddy bear, I first laid my eyes on Sparky. It was the Sunday of MAL 2008 and the previous night I’d been brought by the bear to his friend’s house. The following morning, I found myself sitting on the floor between his legs, meeting a cadre of other men staying in the house, including Sparky and Dvous1. I was immediately attracted to both of them, but surrounded by this cadre of new and kinky faces, I could barely form words. Let alone say the words, “I’m into you.”

Three years later, I found myself sitting in the same room, now surrounded by a cadre of good friends and between Sparky’s legs. It was the Monday of MAL and we were all sharing our excitements and exploits. Rubbing Sparky’s legs and he rubbing my shoulders, I lamented to myself that I hadn’t made it clear to Sparky that I am into him. I had only stopped at the house to say goodbye.

With his hands on my shoulders, my will to leave melted and I melted into the comforting space between his calves. My hands moved up to his hamstrings and knees. I turned around to rub his quadriceps. Sparky laid down on the floor of the living room. I mashed my palms into his lats, traps and deltoids while perched on his ass. Sparky suggested we continue upstairs as conversation had continued around us.

Now shirtless and straddling his body, I massaged his front, pectorals and abdominals. Kissing deeply, tongues tangling and unraveling, continuing down the jaw line, supple neck, tender bites and soft growls. Tongue drawn down his body, lapping each pink nipple and meandering his torso. Gently holding his arms down while my tongue traced patterns along his body, up his neck and into deep kisses. Each time down his body moving slightly further south, rubbing his legs, pulling his jeans slightly to lick the space between his torso and legs. Slipping his jeans off, watching his bulge twitch, pulling his boxers aside, my tongue playing music in the groove between his legs and groin. Periodically, returning to kiss, lick and bite each other’s mouths, lips and necks.

To keep him from squirming, I held his arms and continued to lick his body. Down his stomach, up his side. Tickling, lapping, growling, grinding. Gripping his wrists tighter. Moaning, moaning and then jerking taut.

I was so far into feeling the erotic nature of Rugbylthr using his mouth to bite, lick, scratch pull, suck, all different parts of me, and the feeling of completely in the moment and without thought, I was in a trance like state. Truthfully I can’t tell you how long we were at it; for me it seemed like hours, and most of my head was just in this spot of thinking of nothing but what this hot boy was doing to me.

So here I am, moaning, writhing, cursing and touching him all over, and everything around me was just in a far away spot of my perception, when suddenly there was this snap back to reality.

That same feeling that I had associated to Neil, whenever he could grab my wrist, this intense mental orgasm came back with a vengence, just like when I was at level ten on the horny scale and he would do the same thing to me on the floor of MAL. I am in that moment aware that this boy has me by that same wrist, in the same firmness. It was just like waking up in the middle o f the night to the sound of a car crash outside; first delirium, then a sudden rush of WTF, and finally realization about what was happening.

A little freaked I told him what I thought was happening (though I didn’t know was possible). This is where the devil shows up. He just goes at it again. Grabbing my wrist, biting and licking and holding me down as I go through another wave of mental orgasm.

Piqued, he told me to stop and offered explanation that I may have tapped into a hypnotic suggestion. He explained his encounter on Saturday with Neil. Intrigued and incensed, we continued our row. His legs now on either of my shoulders, I held his hips and worked his groove, making him squirm. Holding him tighter, I followed the line up his body, working the tender spot above his femoral artery.

Then, I pounced. I tightened my grip on his arms and firmly mouthed his inner wrist – an impassioned kiss out of a vampiric dream. When he tried to pull away, not so much a kiss as a gnaw. Trapped under my body, but free to squirm. Moans growing, hips bucking, while I just grinned, took a breath and looked at his eyes and face. He sighed and his muscles relaxed in a sigh.

I pounced again. Waves of moaning, writhing, and torquing, but I held fast to his wrist, less concerned about holding him down. I came up for air as I heard someone in the hall. In our haste, we’d not closed the door.

I pounced a third time. I could see the figure peering into the room in my periphery. Too fascinated and engrossed, I didn’t look up to identify the figure. I only know I was holding Sparky’s wrist with both hands now, as he yelled pleasures and obscenities. I couldn’t help but continue my assault. I was no longer holding his body down, only his arm in order to maintain the control and pleasure. He writhed and jerked and shivered – the continued shivers of heavy orgasm. I released him and laid next to him. We kissed.

DVous1 came up a few minutes later when “we stopped hearing screaming in the living room and figured you were done.” Sparky and I just looked at each other and laughed.

Near as I can tell, this boy used his passion of the moment to put me in a trance like state, which brought back up the suggestions that were there from the other night. To do so I had to be in a moment of pure relaxation, feeling safe and secure and in the moment, without distraction.

Those who know me, they will tell you I am wound tight, so for me to let him in like that, well… it doesn’t happen often. That makes this moment, well, something special, just as he is a special boy.

Coming up, he will be one of our roommates at IML.

Can’t wait!

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MAL – Hypno Bondage – Part 2

This post is part 2 of 3 in the series MAL - Hypno Bondage.

For those that didn’t catch it the previous post, you can catch up to the story here.

After dinner I met up in the lobby Neil once again, his buddy MDW (of fame from his blog, he just recently posted about this experience) and with Bo, the writer of the blog that inspired me to go try this with Neil and also the awesome pup I had played with the night before. It was time for some hang time in the lobby.

I was decked out in my rubber gear (yellow zip front muscle shirt, rubber cod piece shorts) with a set of Carhart black overalls over that (years of my husband’s obsession with Carhartts is starting to spill over!) and a pair of boots. There was a lot of chatting and hanging out with buds, especially with the four that I mentioned. I am going to try to piece together what happened as best as I can.

From time to time Neil would change my horniness level by giving me the Horny followed by a number command, sometimes putting me on level 5, some times on level 10. When on 1O was practically molesting Bo right there, and at one point was molesting my husband (though he was not really into it and decided to head back to where we were staying).

Now MDW just got himself a new pair of boots, something I was talking with him about prior to the event, and they were looking good on him. He had teased about looking forward to making me lick his boots during one of our chats online before the event. So when Neil said, “Control” and directed me to drop and lick his boots, well, I did it with gusto. I probably would have done it anyway, but made it all that much hotter that I was doing it while commanded to do so. Also, I would have been self-conscious about doing it in front of everyone in the lobby on just my own .

I have licked boots before, sure. And sometimes, it is just fucking hot to do it because the top wants me to. Sure. But there on the floor of the host hotel, in front of all these fucking hot ass men, I was rock hard again, and rubbing my cock against the hard floor. Anyone walking by would have thought I was the most enthusiastic boot licker ever!

After being told to stop that I came up and experienced some orgasms that Neil gave me. So far in the story I left out one of the other suggestions that I was given in our individual session earlier that afternoon. Orgasm.

Neil had given me the hypnotic suggestion that when he grabbed my wrist I would feel a wonderful orgasmic feeling. He did it several times in our session, especially as a reward for our after the blow job I gave him. Now there are two things I need to tell you about Orgasm.

First, it is hard to describe what I felt whenever he grabbed my wrist. First, for me it wasn’t like when you shoot and you have that stuttery and jittery jumble of weird ass faces and sounds. For me it was like that moment just before you shoot, that intense feeling that goes all over your body and you are about ready to just release. So as such I wasn’t shooting when he did this, just a very drawn out version of what is usually only a few seconds before you shoot.

Second, just like having real orgasms I was getting fatigue from it. Now I have had some days when I can get off several times a day. I still get off about 1 to 2 times a day now. There have been times when I have had a free day and decided to just go at a nice long jerk off session of several orgasms. The most I have been able to do in one day is 5, but really after 2 it gets really hard to do.

In our individual session, he must have done it to me at least a dozen times. Likely more. I was losing track. I was having these waves of that orgasmic-just-before-you-shoot moments drawn out over and over, and the more he did it, the more I was having trouble staying hard with my dick. It was getting more and more tired, but my mind was loving it.

So after licking MDW ‘s boots he grabbed my wrist several times and I would just start to buckle as I “came”, over and over again. He would sneak over and hit me with it when I was distracted, or he would blatantly do it so I could see it coming. Each time it was getting more tiring on my dick, but just like a marathon jerk session, it was getting more and more intense and getting me more and more subby, often it would cause my knees to buckle and I would end up a pile of rubbery goo on the floor.

At one point a friend, rubbercub, comes over just after I am reduced to one seuch pile of orgasmic goo on the lobby floor in front of everyone, and I hear him talking to Neil and MDW about the water bottle of piss he just emptied out of his bag. He was walking around in full rubber, complete with a body harness and a full rubber trench coat, and a bag to catch his piss from the cock sheet he was wearing.

MDW , the devil he was, suggested that Sparky needed to drink that piss, so while I am sitting on my knees and humping the air and feeling up his boots, he takes rubbercub’s piss bottle, and begins filling up a cup, then feeding it me. I am not sure if it was just that I am a piss pig, or if it was rubbercub’s, whom I have had a big old crush on since the day I met him, but that was one of the hottest things ever.

Now, to the outside observer my behavior must have been odd. Sure I get subby sometimes, but I never let go like that and make it so public (ok, maybe not NEVER, but it is rare! Sort of). And it was hard not to ask Neil to demonstrate on me every five minutes that had me under his control, so I tried to limit when I asked. Still it was greatly fun when he did, especially when he did Cuffs. He left me standing there with my arms trapped behind my back, nothing really binding them but my mind and his voice, but try as I might I couldn’t break it. I loved it when we showed that to people around the lobby from time to time.

At one point of my favorite little kinksters, Kai, came over to see me, and when he learned how under control I was and what was going on, he got this devil smile on his face. Knowing that at that moment I was on horny ten he began kissing me, biting me all over my face, arms, whatever. Tits pinch, everything. And I was loving it! And if I hadn’t made a spectacle of myself before that moment, I certainly did when he picked me up (that boy is surprisingly strong) and began tickling me while I was perched up on his back. I don’t think there was anyone in the hotel that wasn’t hearing me scream right then. After dropping me down to another pile of goo on the floor, walking away with that evil grin that only Kai can give!

After a few moments the gang I was with decided to wander about, and we found ourselves in a part of the lobby that was obscured by some pipe & drape away from the main floor area. By this time a hot guy I have known for some time that I will call J joined in. Now I have known J for sometime, though he has always connected with (and played with) my hubby more than me, but I have always thought he was hot and loved that he was now a part of the group.

After Neil was grabbing my wrist and sending me into several bouts of Orgasms that left me on the floor again, the boys all started taking turns fucking around me while they played and talked with each other, all the while avoiding the hotel staff that would occasionally wander through. I don’t remember all the sequence of events, but I remember a lot of what happened.

The more subby I was getting, the more I was barking and growling, the inner pup in me coming out. At one point my face was shoved into Bo’s boots, with MDW holding me down with a boot to the back of the neck and back. Soon Bo’s boot came off and his rubber covered foot was shoved in my mouth.

Now, here is where those that really know me may say bullshit. Everyone knows I fucking hate feet. But I was on Horny 10 at that point, and riding the high of what must have been 40 or so Orgasm commands by then, and I had one hand on J’s hot skin boots, my crotch rubbing the ground, and MDW’s boot in my back. I would have done anything they wanted at that point! I don’t know how long I sucked on that boy’s toes, but it seemed like an hour at least to me.

After some time hanging out there, and me in a fucking rucked up mood to do whatever these men wanted to do to me, we went back to Neil and MDW’s room for some more play. When we arrived I remember Neil’s Control suggestion for me to take my clothes off, which I readily did. If you recall from the last one post about this day, that was a big thing for me, but it felt natural and ok to be naked in front of everyone. There was a lot of play from there, with me playing the role of super sub to everyone there (though I do remember a moment when I was ready to mount Bo because he was playing with me and working up the Dom side in me he had seen the night before. He makes me want to do evil things whenever he gives those puppy eyes of his!).

And I finally got to play around with J, which I have been wanting to do, especially see him this weekend because he was just wearing one hot piece of gear after another. I loved chewing on his nips for a long time and sucking on his cock for a long time, all while playing around with Bo as well. MDW and Neil also were playing with them, and me, as well as another surprise guest who came by to sniff MDW’s socks for a while.

But the best of all, not to take away from any of that, was whenever Neil would come over and grab my wrist, which by this time was just becoming torture through pleasure. But I was loving it. Also, he would point out how well I was doing with being open and vulnerable and naked. Truly an awesome moment.

Eventually it was time to head home as it was getting late, and after what seemed like 50 some odd hypno orgasms I was spent. I got dressed and said my goodbyes, running into a new boy I met outside as I made my way to the car (I was staying off site). He must of seen the glow I was on as we chatted, though I remember nothing of what we talked about. I think he must have thought I was nuts.

Still processing all that had happened I drove home, arriving back after 5am, ending a 13 hour adventure.

So, one final note about this whole thing that I feel I need to share. Some people know that I have a few insecurities. I have exposed a few of them here in this post. The first was at the very beginning of this, when I first read Bo’s blog of his hypno experience. I had to work through ideas that this hot man with a unique and very hot talent was ever going to be interested in me, especially when he gets to play with other much hotter boys than me. And there were doubts of if I could do this, if I wanted to do this, if it was going to work, if I would like it, if I would like it too much.

But I am glad I did, and that was due in large part to Neil. I am looking forward to keeping him in my list of friends and staying active with him going forward, but anyone wanting to try this I would highly recommend just contacting him and seeing what it is about. There are only a few Top’s I would give an unequivocal recommendation to, he is one of them.

I hope you have enjoyed me sharing this story with you.


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MAL – Hypno Bondage

This post is part 1 of 3 in the series MAL - Hypno Bondage.




For weeks leading up to MAL I have been chatting with a man from NYC who is into erotic hypnosis and hypnotic bondage. I had heard of Neil the Erotic Hypnotist based on the recommendations of some friends. I am going to attempt, as best as I can to describe the experience I had with him, which counts up in one of the most amazing kink experiences ever.

You can read up on the experiences of a very hot little pup, Bo, on his blog. A great read and gives a highlight of a very similar experience, though given mine was in the middle of an event I will be focusing more of what was unique to my experience. I think it is good for those that are unfamiliar with his blog post, however, to read it before continuing as his post is what inspired me to contact Neil and seek this out.

I will also begin with a caveat. There are those that don’t believe what I am writing to be possible, real or chalk it up to mystic voodoo. For you, if you want to read on with a skeptical mind, feel free to feel that way, I am not going to try to convince you otherwise. All I can tell you is that my feelings were similar enough to understand how you feel, and my husband I believe was in your camp as well. Not now. Not after this weekend.

If after reading this you still need to be convinced, check out Neil’s FAQ.

For weeks ahead of meeting him in person we spent time talking online. Not always about hypno, or about the erotic parts of hypno, but just things in general. There area a few things that I tell every newbie out there regarding how to get their feet wet in kink, one of them is enjoy who you submit to as a person rather than just how hot they are. If you are just looking to get off, have them stick a dick up your ass and be done with it. If you want to have your mind blown, your soul changed, your insides moved, and have the best damn sexual experience you ever have in the world, then make sure you at least like the person you are playing with.

With Neil, it is easy. He answered all my questions and is just a very easy guy to talk to overall. And in person, the first night of MAL when I met him for the first time, it proved to continue to be true. One word I use often to describe people that I really like is genuine, probably because I have never been that great at seeing through BS (no, I don’t want to play poker with you now). He really is a genuine guy, open about what he is and what he isn’t into. So after talking with him a little Friday night, we agreed to meet up on Saturday afternoon for the session to begin.

I arrived to his room at the agreed time, and we spend a lot of time talking about what hypno is, what it is not, and some of the myths everyone has about it. We had a long discussion, and I felt more and more comfortable as we chatted, easily able to open up and give him ideas of what I was thinking at that moment and listen to what he had to say.

Rather than spending time on the process, which in some ways I remember really well and in others not so much, I am going to get more into the action of what happened and the reactions it was producing in me.

When it was time to begin we agreed on what we were going to do during the session, some of which was from a therapeutic perspective. One of those I can share, since I think it is integral to the story, is body image issues.

I have never been happy with my body. When one thing is working, something else bothers me. Growing up with flaming read hair and very pronounced freckles makes you a target for other kids ridicule, but when I got comfortable with that something else comes up. A good example is my nips. They have always stuck out, a lot. In middle school I dreaded Shirts & Skins games in PE as I knew I was going to be made fun of for them. However, once I came out I learned there are a lot of guys that are into big nips, especially because they are really chewable and really connected (yes, I have cum from just getting my nips chewed with no one touching my dick). As with my red hair, discovering a part I was self conscience about to be a turn on for guys I liked didn’t mean it went away, it just went elsewhere.

So I wanted some help with feeling more comfortable with my body, and that became a part of what we agreed to. I was nervous prior to meeting about this, especially given how much I found Neil to be a really hot guy. At one point he sent to me a photo of him in under armour to me, my biggest weaknesses. He has a great chest, which is one of my favorite things on a guy. So from the beginning I intimidated about playing with someone I found to be so hot.

Additionally we added some discussion about the fun part, hypno bondage. Now, as some of you may have noticed, I am into heavy bondage. Some would say scary bondage. Fully confined gets me off. So the idea of nothing confining me at all seemed a little far fetched. Not that it wasn’t possible, just not possible for me. I was even concerned that if it did work I wouldn’t get off on it as I wasn’t surrounded with the usual amounts of rubber and chain and other toys.

How wrong I was.

When we started I was in my rubber gear, though just a little. A pair of cod-piece front shorts and a yellow zip front muscle shirt. He had me lay down on the bed and we began with him talking me through relaxing and listening to him. As he had encouraged me to do, when my mind wandered I let it, and there were times when I caught myself wondering what he was saying. In the very relaxed atmosphere so I just wasn’t always processing what he was telling me to do.

After him putting me under a few times and taking me back out a few times, the first to test how I was doing, the others to do some of the therapeutic suggestions we agreed to. At one point he woke me up and I told him I had to piss, so he said go ahead. Here is the first time my mind was blown, and what felt like previously were moments of doubt were starting to melt away.

As I walked to the bathroom in my rubber gear I knew, with my conscious mind that there was something he wanted me to do, and I knew that I knew what it was, but I really needed to piss at that moment, so I was telling myself I will get to it in a moment, just pee first. Then I started thinking, you know, I am not sure if this is working, am I going under or do I just think I am.

Off comes the rubber shirt.

Now I am thinking, glad I took that off, that is much better. The confining rubber around my shoulders was probably distracting me. I finish the piss, then…

Off comes the shorts.

After putting the shorts with the shirt on the sink, I returned back to the bed in the other room, completely naked.

Now, at this point, of those that have played with me, try to think of if you have ever really seen me naked. If you have it was because I was putting something on or taking them off (unless we were in a relationship, hehe). So in I walk back to the room leaving my rubber gear behind, and blop back over on the bed, when that feeling that there was something I was supposed to do came back, but this time really strong.

I am going to take a moment to describe this moment in a way that really captures it, because this really tossed my mind about in my skull.

Have you ever been talking about a movie or TV show, and someone asks what the name of the star is, and you just have the name and you know you know it, but can’t get it out. Tip of the tongue. The idea that there was something I was supposed to do, that he wanted me to do, was very strong and I knew I know what it was, it was on the tip of my tongue. That is what it was like when I laid down, but when I looked up into his eyes, and saw this smile, I knew what it was. Just like that moment when you suddenly remember an actors name, I suddenly remember what it was that he told me to do when I was under.

I was to take off all my clothes.

Earlier he and I talked about the difference between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. My mind, my conscious part of the brain was telling me a series of things to do because I needed to do them that led me to the event my subconscious was directed to do by Neil when I was last under. He told me when I would next wake up I would want to take off all the rest of my clothes. So when I woke I had an event that needed to get me to a place where I would take off my clothes.

The part that was the odd part, the one that took my doubt away, was when he smiled at me after I looked up at him on that bed, completely naked. The memory of him telling me when I was under to take my clothes off after I woke, and that I would remember that I would when he asked me about it but not before, well, that was the kicker. It wasn’t that I didn’t remember, it was that a part of my brain was telling my conscious mind, don’t worry about it, we will think about that later, first pee. Then, I should take this shirt off, then we can think about it, well, there are the pants to, then we can remember. I don’t want to stand in this bathroom like a weirdo while standing there ponder what it was that I was to be doing, so I will just go back in the bedroom area and we can figure it out, that bed is inviting, lets hop on up there, look at Neil… Holy shit that fucking worked!

So now, when it was time to go under again, I was ready to go!

Again, I am not going to go into the process of what happened next, but I will take a few moments to describe what the results where, especially the next best part of the experience that kept fucking with my head: Cuffs.

After he gave the hypnotic suggestion of Cuffs and I was brought back to being fully awake and out of the hypnotic state he could pull both of my wrists together and tap my wrists, then say “cuffs”. The result was I couldn’t separate my hands.

Now, even with the naked thing earlier, I was skeptical of the bondage part the most, and again I was surprised with the reaction. I have experienced heavy poppers, oxygen deprivation, even chloroform, all of which prevented me from having control of my body. In those cases my mind was unable to make commands of my body, that wasn’t it at all. Here my mind was fine, I was fully awake and able to think like normal, but willing my hands apart was not resulting in it happening.

At first, I was experiencing this feeling like, ok, sure it works a little, but it can’t last. I just have to try harder. I tried breathing calmly, I tried straining, I even tried relaxing figuring it was some sort of Chinese finger cuff trick, all didn’t work. My arms just decided, naw, I am going to stay where they are.

I was getting all subby before that, which is a fun headspace to be in and one that I have done a lot, but when he put my wrists together for the first time, and gave that devil smile of delight as he watched me realize everything he had been telling me for weeks was true, that is when I dropped in full sub mode.

He demonstrated a few other things as well, all of which was so fun to experience, but I am going to skip ahead a little bit to the next best part of the sessions. There were two more hypnotic suggestions I should explain. One was Control, where he would touch me in a certain spot and then say Control, followed by a command to follow. The other was Horny, where he would do a similar touch, say Horny then give a number from 1 to 10 to tell me how horny I was.

I could tell he was getting off on the control as much as I was, and with Cuffs in place with my wrists behind my back, he gave me Horny 10, which made me want to do everything. I would have fucked a tree if it was nearby. It didn’t just turn on like a light bulb, more like someone putting down the gas pedal slowly and steadily, and away I went. He then gave me Control, and told me to suck his cock.

Now, I feel every boy needs to have a goal, something to accomplish (not every Dom agrees, that is fine, it is my belief) and one of mine was to blow this man to his satisfaction, especially knowing he loved that. Sure, I have had my share of cock in my mouth, but I don’t remember ever getting anyone off with just mouth. My husband is amazing at it, and I often am jealous of his ability to suck cock. I just didn’t get that gay gene.

So when I was commanded to blow Neil, it was all I wanted to do, and I was rock hard doing it. The more I blew him, the more I tasted his cock and felt/heard his reactions to my attention, all the while pulling on my unrestrained but uncooperative wrists behind my back, I just kept getting harder. I can get off on pain, a skill I acquired only in the last couple of years, but never have I had pain on my cock from just being hard without a cock ring. In fact, that is exactly what it felt like, having a too tight metal cock ring on. The closer he got the harder I got, the more painful it was, the more hot I was.

I want to describe the wave of feeling of what happened next. In my line of work I have been integral part of the production team for large events. I have stood on the floor of an arena and watch an audience screen and cheer to the work I did. I have met celebrities of all kinds, seen sides of notables that no one knows about. I have climbed the inside of the Super Dome, and been on the set of one of the most famous, long running television shows in the country. Imagine what it is like to feel that level of pride in what you do.

When I felt his load hit my mouth, I felt the same thing, that exact same feeling of disbelief I get to be a part of this, and that I am having a moment that never happened before and will never happen again like that. I sucked that man off and was fucking getting off on it. I just had this huge wave of, holy fuck yea that was awesome.

What followed was a bit of other play, then did we did one last follow up moment of me going under. He gave me some more suggestions, and I remember it best because I was on such a high at that moment. Once I was under he left a suggestions in my subconscious to reinforce some of the other items we had done earlier, as well as adding that I would feel happy and energetic and horny for the rest of the night.

Now, the rest of the evening I am going to have to follow up in another post, as it was truly a unique experience and truly a memorable one! But a couple of additional detail before signing off this post.

The happy, energetic and horny suggestion certainly worked. I met back up with my husband, and we did some shopping in the mart (can’t wait to share about some of the pieces I get there!). The entire time we were doing that, as well as dinner after with some friends, and the lobby hangout after, I was bouncy. Very bouncy.

I drink my caffeine through Diet Coke, but have done coffee before I swore off it. This doesn’t compare. It was a natural high of energy. I was literally bouncing and chatty, humming and darting my attention all around. My husband accurately described my behavior that night like being drunk without the negative side of it, though I might take it a step further and say it was like experiencing a runner’s high without the bother of running. The suggestion of being happy and energetic worked and I just rode with it.

Now, I must break for a while from this post. I know it is incredibly long, but there was so much to tell, and much more to go. I will continue in the next part.

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