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Episode 30 – NuckPup

We have been seeing and following the crazy world of NuckPup for a while now. This guy has a lot on his plate, with a devoted partner to a job that keeps him busy, local play, and now a puppy of his own as well. His partner is also his sub, though wasn’t necessarily always so, which is an interesting story itself. Then add to it that the puppy is moving in, the very weekend this episode airs, and you can see that Nuckpup and Nucksub are both about ready to have a big change in their life.

And given that we all know the puppy, pup Striker, who is one of the most adorable and nicest puppies we know, makes the story all the more interesting. We care about the puppy and glad he is finding a home life that he wants, so we celebrate this move for him.

This story has a little bit for everyone. Polyamory is certainly a part of it, as well as submission, puppy play and becoming a slave. Balancing a kink life, and a sub finding his inner Dom is also big here. But overall it is a profile on one kinkster out there that is attempting to live life to the fullest, and going for a life that may be a challenge but also very rewarding.

We also had a listener email that we thought was perfect for this show to address.

I think this one you are going to love!


Show Notes

In the News

About Our Guest

NuckPup (Nuck/Sir) is the Alpha Dawg, Sir, and Head of Household proudly growing a leather household on the Canadian Prairies. For Nuck, leather, fetish, and kink have been part of his sexuality for over a decade, first as a boy, a collared pup, and now as a Sir. Nuck has a boy, Ray, who has been with him as a full time boy since 2006. pup Striker recently just joined their household! Find him on Recon and at his blog House of Nuckpup.

Listener Email

DFT and Sparky,

I’m writing to thank you and to ask a question. I was recently turned on to the show by a friend, and the timing was perfect since I needed a new podcast to listen to. I drive 8-10 hours a night for work and catching up on old shows has made for very entertaining shifts over the last week.

The podcast is exactly the kind of thing I’d been looking for for a while and exactly what I’d been needing. As someone with a keen interest in kink but not much experience I’ve been looking for a way to learn more. The thought of the organized community has always been mildly intimidating, and you guys have done a lot to break down that assumption even just in the week I’ve been listening, which I appreciate. It’s especially helpful since I’m planning a move to Seattle this fall, and it’s nice to hear that I should be able to find my way into the community if I’m willing to reach out and look for opportunities.

The question I have is about how to make that transition. Often times on the show you guys go back and forth about finding new boys to play with or help learn, and I was curious how you’d advise someone interested in the other side of things to go about learning more. I think I have the beginnings of a good headspace as a Daddy and a top that I’d like to develop further and I want to build some physical skills to match as best I can. I’m looking forward to being able to explore more in a larger city after I move, but how do I go about learning to be a good Daddy or pup handler or rope top? It doesn’t feel like it’s as built into the system as a Daddy mentoring his boy.

I’m really enjoying the show, and I just finished the two-parter with Daddy Jeff, which has probably been the best episode yet for me when it comes to learning more about the community. Keep up the good work, and I’d appreciate any advise you to wizened Daddies can provide.

-James, @StudyChemistry

PS- Brett on the mic in the Daddy Jeff episode was a definite bonus; I think he’s got to have one of the sexiest voices I’ve heard in a long while!


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