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Episode 15 – Pup Snuggles

We got to spend some time to talk with one of the pups that we all here at NoSafeWord have had the chance to get to know over the years, Pup Snuggles. Not only is he a very cute puppy, he is also one of those people that reaches out to many people across the kink world to try to help in any way he can, either through the organizations he is a part of or one person at a time.

We spend some time getting to know Snuggles and where came from, as well as have a great conversation about what his kink family dynamic is like. We were looking forward to having him on and hope you enjoy learning about him as much as we did!


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Pup Snuggles has been part of the leather community since IML in 2006 and has avidly researched the leather lifestyle ever since. He has been with his Sir, Victor, since before learning about the leather community and it has strengthened their relationship as well as making him a stronger person and pup. In addition to being with his Sir, they have another loving member of their poly family, Solomon.

Pup Snuggles is the co-founder of Chicago Puppy Patrol, founder for International Pups and Handlers, previous President for Bloomington Kink, a photographer, graphic designer, website designer, massage therapist, and renaissance reenactor. He holds the following titles: Indiana Leather boy 2010 and Great Lakes Leather boy 2011.

Find Pup Snuggles on Facebook, Recon, and Tumblr.


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