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Episode 249 – Is That Wrong?

Description of Show

The guys take on a variety of topics.

 Show Notes

  • What Now?
    • Roseanne is back it seems. Daddy Tony has some interesting other things he would rather watch.
  • In the News
  • Let’s Open Our Telegram Messages
    • A very hot topic in our forum discussed puppies who happen to be female.
      • While the pup community is overwhelmingly male, it does not mean puppies cannot be female. We are *all* free to be who we want to be.
      • It does create the issue of those puppies who would prefer to mosh with their own sex. There should be spaces at public mosh events where opposite-sex moshing is designated to happen.
      • Personal preferences are nothing to apologize about, and a cis-male pup having a private party can invite only male-identified pups.
      • At a public mosh in a public space, sex is normally not allowed, so anyone of any cis-gender should be able to attend, while attendees there have the right to choose who they get on the mat with.

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Ungagged Episode 24 – The More the Merrier

Description of Show

The pups spend this show discussing group sex, group dynamics, and how to make your group experiences the best they can.

Show Notes

  • In the News
  • Group Sex
    • The pups start out small and talk about threesomes.
      • Are two-as-a-team strictly pleasuring the other the best way to have a threesome?
      • A common reason against any group sex: too much going on and too much concentration needed.
    • Play parties
      • The mood of each party can be very different…so keep your expectations reasonable.
      • With lots of other scenes going on around you, it can be a problem if you are easily distracted by sound.
      • There is always going to be a better chance of drama when more people are involved, so be ready and be calm.
      • If it is a party of 8 or more people, then be sure the party has a separate, more social space.
      • Reasonable expectations, but have some expectations and have a plan of how to make that happen.
      • How do you deal with the guy who won’t take no for an answer? Be direct. Try to be polite, but say it in no uncertain terms..


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This episode sponsored by: Mr. S Leather. For this episode we feature Saddle Soap.



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Episode 70 – Puppy Stryker

We received a letter from a listener asking some questions about having a family and maintaining a kink life, as that is exactly where he is at the moment. For every episode of the show that is targeted to a specific topic we try to find someone that can speak to subject with some sort of authority. So when this listener ask, I turned it around and suggested that perhaps he would be the perfect guest to discuss the topic.

Puppy Stryker is a puppy to a female Handler with home he has a 6 month old son, and he on the journey of finding where to balance his family and his kink lives. This was a fun discussion and I think it is going to be interesting even if you never decide to have a family of your own, learning about others journey will always help us plot our own course.



Show Notes

In the News

Discussion Topics

  • Rubber puppy
  • Having a kid
  • Having a female handler
  • Bi, poly, rubber, puppy, and the family life

About Our Guest

From Stryker:

I am Stryker and I currently live in one of the worst places to be a rubber fetishist: Arizona. Despite battling the heat in the hotter than hell state, I have been active in the kink community for about 3 years. My Owner and I have been together for 2 1/2 years now. We are parents of a 6-month old which makes kink life a slight challenge. I am the co-founder of a local Arizona pet group called Phoenix Pets. I can be found on Twitter as @PuppyStryker.


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venus2 290x160 Episode 69   Fenn

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Interview with a Handler

In the last post, I interviewed my handler, Kevin, about the ins-and-outs (both physically and mentally ;D) of establishing and nurturing a puppy/handler relationship and we put out the word that we’d be happy to answer any questions from those seeking more detail or simply want us to address a topic that wasn’t covered in our first exchange.
The questions, much like the pups and handlers themselves, varied widely in topic, scope and seriousness. And you know how they say there’s no such thing as a stupid question? Well, some of you out there were definitely trying to see if you couldn’t challenge that idea.
So… without further ado, it’s time for those burning questions (and if that burning continues, you might want to consult your doc), and our attempt to answer them.

Q: )What is it about being a handler while having a PUP that makes you transcend?

KEVIN: Having a puppy, a human one, is for me one of the most precious gifts a guy can be lucky enough to get. Some handlers regard their pups as slaves, some regard them as boys with tails, and others just think of them in the sense of playing out back with a ball, or attending a mosh. For me, it’s a sacred bond. The pup in question (the amazing Amp, in my case) is laying himself bare, and all that you see before you in its beauty is something that is your responsibility as a handler to care for, to nurture and to keep safe. Transcendence, as I understand it, means entering a different plane of mental existence. Certainly when I’m in handler space, all I’m concerned with is growing the bond of love between Amp and myself.

Q: Can we be friends?

Amp and Kevin: Until we know a reason you shouldn’t be … sure, why not?

Q: Being a handler, what kind of enjoyment do you get from having a pup?

KEVIN: I get the unfiltered, unconditional pure rush of affection and devotion from a human being that most only get from a pet. Seeing Amp in real headspace (not the quasi-headspace of a mosh or competition where you have to keep some form of mindfulness in order to not get yourself or anyone else hurt) is a magical display of what two people can do when they’re both dedicated to helping the other find joy and release from the everyday world — and they trust each other to do just that.

Q: What’s your opinion of The Fifth Element, starring Bruce Willis (really guys? lol)?

KEVIN: It’s a B+ sci-fi flick in which Willis’ character refers to himself as a “meatsicle,” which I’ve always thought very funny. However, Willis is also a raging conservative who once cheered Pat Buchannan’s speech at the Republican National Convention calling for a “culture war” against abortionists and homosexuals. I think he’s a terrific actor and a complete douche. Have I gone to the multiplex and seen him since? Yes. And I always buy a ticket for another movie that’s showing around the same time so that he doesn’t get a single dime from me.

Q: How do you, as a trainer, put and keep a pup in headspace?

KEVIN: Well, from having put half a dozen or so pups into headspace over the last year, I can tell you that no two are identical, but they all have common traits. I do have a series of meditations that I use to help escort a guy from his normal plane of consciousness into a deeper communion, primarily with himself. A handler who makes headspace about himself (being worshipped is a common theme) is focusing on the wrong person, if you ask me. I like to “show” through visualization, the person what his pup persona looks like — to him, in his mind’s eye. Rather than forcing my ideals of a pup on them, they can form their own persona and pup self as they see it. And once they’re eyeball to eyeball in that trance moment, I will ask the person to slip over and feel what it’s like to look out from the pup’s eyes. I’ve used mirrors, waterfalls, lakes, and memory as triggers, and I’ve had a pretty fair success rate, if I do say so myself. Happy pups tell you all you need to know. Keeping them there? You have to keep actively reinforcing the metaphor of person-as-pup. You go for a walk (which you could do actually, or in an imaginary world), you play ball; you feed your pup treats (we like lunch meat. It’s healthy and full of protein.), you let him nap on your chest. Activities will reinforce the trance, and make it that much easier to access headspace the next time.

Q: What does being a pup mean to you?

AMP: Well I’ve gone over this topic a number of times, but, in short, being a pup means that I’m into kink, leather, wrestling around and acting like a human puppy.  Being a pup means that I’m playful and cuddly, loving and loyal to friends and handlers I hold close and that I’m putting myself out there to be a part of a community that is supportive and all about fun.  Similarly, it is a way for me to mentally connect on another level with people I hold close, more specifically, a handler I hold close.  I use puppy play and call myself a pup because I enjoy the activities it brings, the people it brings into my life and the open and honest expression I can express.

Q: What does being a handler mean to you?

KEVIN: For me, it means that I have accepted the role of guardian to my pup. No one will hurt him, approach him, scare him, or do anything I don’t approve of, and I do that as I was selected to by the pup who wears my collar. That said, I try to make my choices based not on my own ego, but on Amp’s needs, wants and what I think will most likely nurture or fascinate him. I have stumbled, on occasion, as has my pup. But that’s the nature of who we are as fallible individuals. You make a mistake, you apologize, pick yourself up and move on.

Q: What (as a handler) do you gain from training a puppy, apart from the experience of just owning a puppy?

KEVIN: I get the deep satisfaction of knowing that every bit of tender loving care I put into our bond comes shining out whenever Amp is present. When we attended the International Puppy Competition last November in Florida, you can ask anyone: No one was more proud, more devoted to his pup, or closer than the two of us were. What I gained, beyond that, was a deep sense of who I am and what I do. I mentor, and I nurture, and Amp gives me plenty of opportunities to do both.

And with that last question, I think it’s about time to wrap this posting up.  If you guys have any other questions or comments to myself or to Kevin, please send them our way.   Puppy play is a magical activity that is performed in many different ways, share your experiences here or tell us what you think we should talk about next.  Until then, keep those tails wagging and we will catcha later!! AROUUUUUUUU


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A handlers point of view

The topic of today’s post is one near and dear to my heart: Bonds. Only this time, they’re not the ropey ones you might expect that often begin with lube and end with a splat or two in several directions. No, this time, the bond is an emotional one, and it’s the one I share with my handler, Kevin.

Many pups seek a handler not really knowing who they are as a group, or even knowing many of them as individuals. I can tell you that from my experience, they’re just as diverse as puppies, and when the right handler meets the right pup, their dynamic together can be as powerful as any I’ve ever seen. Now, not all puppies and handlers get into our frisky little fetish the same way, and my handler and I are a great example of that. So, let me just say how glad I am that my Daddy and handler, Kevin, has agreed to contribute to the blog and share his own perspective.


First off, let me ask you about how you got into puppy play…


Well, as you know, we came at it from very different perspectives originally. My first experience of puppy play was attending a puppy night just by accident in Amsterdam while on vacation. It was lots of heavy industrial music interrupted by “How Much is That Doggie In the Window?” Guys in tails and hoods and not much else, lifting their legs on each other and doing dog tricks in competition. I just thought it was otherworldly. My husband was instantly turned off and remains so to this day.
But about a year later, I was in a bar here in town and this cute guy comes up to me and says, “Woof.” Since that’s a common expression in the bear community, I thought nothing of it, and I said, “Hi.” Instead of responding, he put his head between my pecs and nuzzled me, looking up into my eyes. “Woof,” he said again. And then he just pulled away and wandered off into the crowd. That was when I really got intrigued as to what puppy play was. Before, I thought like a lot of people do, that it was a sort of surrogate beastiality, where guys were fucking guys pretending to be animals because it was too gross or illegal to actually do it.


And then you found me.


We found each other, that’s true. I did some reading and was very attracted to the idea of nurturing and mentoring, and puppy play seemed to offer that. But you found me through being part of the kink community — and a certain number of the people in that world do puppy play simply for fun and as a sexual fantasy and release, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But I came at puppy play to be able to express love and be a caretaking mentor. As you’ve often heard me joke, “Some guys say their cocks are hardwired to their nipples; mine is hardwired to my heart.”


And that’s led to some bumps in the road for us.


True. But that’s also one of the reasons we’re still together almost a year later. I know that for some arrangements, a pair will get together and set up all their rules of engagement before they ever begin and try not to deviate from those protocols. But I was more about finding the right pup for me, and then having our bond evolve to follow the trajectory of our growth.


Speaking of which, how do you think a pair keeps their bond solid and moving in the right direction?


Well, for me, I like having the constant things, those reminders of who you are to each other. And they’re like little creature comfort things. We like to nuzzle and watch “Sherlock” or “Walking Dead,” as well as suit up for the local monthly Fetish Night at the bar or do those things that puppies and handlers will do when the lights are low (smiling). But, we’d never been to an actual cinema together until recently because for some strange reason, they insist you wear clothes. Turns out and we both had a blast going to see “Frozen” — not just because it was a great movie, but because it was something new to share. So I like having a combination of the dependable things we do regularly and each of us contributing suggestions of new adventures to come. For example, we just attended a competition, where we got to meet other pups and their handlers and watch how their dynamics are both similar and different from our own. From some, we got ideas of things we’d like to try in and out of the bedroom, and from others, we saw just how much drama there is when the rules are too rigid, too vague, or just too poorly communicated.

And with that, there are so many more questions to ask, and rest assured each will be answered. Next week we will continue to ask hard-hitting questions that reflect on what handler do and how they handle situations with pups. Got a question only a handler can answer? Well leave a comment below and we will have Kevin back next week to answer any inquiries. As always, be safe and keep wagging!


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Commenting On Your Comments

As we start a new year, it feels as though new puppies are coming out of the woodwork everywhere – new organizations being formed and competitions being announced.  And with that, comes a new population of puppies, some experienced, some completely new to the community that lies before them.  To the newcomers, I say welcome to the crazy, opinionated, sometimes unruly and dramatic world that is puppy play; and to the more veteran pups, I ask that you don’t scare the fuck out of the new puppies (how else are we going to resupply if you scare away the fresh meat?).  But in all seriousness, as we head into this new year of fun and play, I look back onto a year full of so many exciting events full of new people, puppies, leathermen and otherwise.  I also, in this being a still new space to which I blog and share opinions, look back onto questions and comments I’ve accumulated over the past couple months. So for today, rather than covering a specific topic, I’m going to comment on your comments, looking back at what was 2013, and answer any lingering questions, comments or opinions that were otherwise still needing to be addressed.

Puppy Comment: “My biggest question about getting into puppy play is how to get started.”

Response: Well let’s start by addressing a very general question that we all have had at one point or another if we’ve been interested in puppy play: “How do I start?” Well the simple answer to that is to be a puppy, be educated and be curious.  Do your research, find a local PAH (Puppies and Handler) group of some kind that you can join.  If no pup group exists in your area, I highly recommend checking out the many puppy groups that exist on Facebook for the very nature of finding other puppies and communicating.  If even that is too daunting a task, to start playing like a pup, visualize what puppies do and how they act, reflect and see yourself as a puppy, focusing on that inner persona and playfulness you wish to capture and see what happens.

Puppy Comment: “Do all puppies have handlers, and if so how does one find a handler?”

Response: Regarding whether all puppies have handlers, the simple answer is no. It all depends on what a puppy wants in his/her puppy relationship, however that looks to them.   Some puppies are looking for a handler/master/trainer while others feel they do not need or even want one.  So to answer that part of the question, no, not all puppies have or need a handler; puppies can be just that: puppies.  As for the how to find a handler, I refer you to a previous blog post that covers that very topic in detail: .

Puppy comment:  “I am super interested in puppy play, but I’ve been discouraged by my Sirs/Mentors about going down this route, as they think getting into puppy play would lessen my ability to be a boy and may restrict myself.”

Response: Preposterous! While being a puppy may get you into a few “restricting” positions *wink*, to assume that being a puppy makes you less of a boy/slave/person in any way shape or form would be making an assumption.  Unless of course they are not only leather masters, but also masters of telepathy and therefore know what you’re thinking.  The fact that you’ve come to this blog would assume that you are at least the a bit interested in puppy play.  In response to any Sirs or Mentors that you may play with, I might tell them that puppy play helps people of all shapes/sizes/genders/backgrounds to open up, and join a community that accepts and empowers them to be more than they thought they could before, not less. The puppy community at times is more accepting than any other group I’ve ever had the opportunity to be a part of. Boys can be puppies, puppies can be boys, Sirs can even be puppies if they want; being a puppy does not detract from a boy headspace, simply adds another facet to who YOU are.

Rather than look at what puppy play seems to be, explain what it is or what you would like it to be to you to your Sir/Mentor. Explain that its about fun, growth, and being yourself in a very primal, very bare bones, innocent sort of way.  I would, in this situation, ask what reservation that your Sir or Mentor has against puppy play, what causes the stigma he has and most importantly, tell him how interested you are in it.  A relationship of any kind where a submissive answers to dominant of some kind is always revolving around and about communication.

Puppy Comment: “How do I begin training as a pup and learning the headspace specifically?

Response: While similar to question one, I find the additional question about headspace the real meat of this question (Mmmmmm meat).  Before we discuss specifically how one can (results may vary) “get into” headspace, lets quickly define “headspace”. Headspace, oddly enough, is best described by urban dictionary as: “The state of mind/consciousness you are in. It may or may not be an altered frame of mind.”

For some, getting into headspace requires a bit of visualization or meditating, and I will direct you to Sirius pups FCT (first collar training) as I believe they do a wonderful job of explaining it in a nice video: .  For others, headspace is about getting into their pup gear: hoods, paws, tail and so forth; like an actor putting on a costume, the puppy needs their alter ego’s wear in order to bring them to fruition.  Finally, the last idea I will leave you with is to find someone who is your superior in this area, someone knowledgeable in puppy play, and feel them out, play and just experience the activity while feeling out what you like and maybe dislike about puppy play.  What gets some into headspace, may in fact, bring you out of it, and so trial and error may be your best way to get into a headspace; besides, as your parents always said, you’ll never know if you like it until you try it.

And with that, I’m in the proper headspace to head to bed and call it a night.  If you like this sort of Q and A sort of blocking, where I give you an honest opinion as someone who always has a pup’s best interests at heart, please like, fav, comment and share.  A community is nothing without the people, puppies and hanlders that make it, so lets look forward to 2014 and continue being the inquisitive, insightful and kinky individuals we all look to be!

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Episode 65 – Pup Razz

Part of our goal here at NoSafeWord is to explore all the different avenues of kink that are out there. Recently one of the supporters of our show, Nightcat, referred to us a female pup from the Portland area. She is a relatively new kinkster herself, into puppy play and now the president of the puppy group in Portland, PDX-PAH. We thought that this would present a chance for us to get some new perspectives and new voices.

We talked a lot about the role that gender and gender identity plays in our community, which ended up being a very interesting discussion. We also had a great friend to the show, Hobbit (from Episode 28 and Episode 29) join us for the show and add to the discussion! It was a great time for us all and I can’t wait for you all to hear it.


Show Notes

In the News

Discussion Topics

  • Changes and new projects with PDX-PAH
  • Handling strong personalities in a kink organization
  • Mixing genders and orientations in a play party or mosh
  • Being a female in a pup community of mostly gay men
  • Gender fluidity and identity

About Our Guest

Jess Menton (also known as Pup Razz) is a female pup based out of Portland, OR. She is new to the kink community but quickly learning in leaps and bounds. She runs a pup perspective blog called Awkward Paws, Tangled Bras and is the current president of PDX-PAH.


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venus2 290x160 Episode 64   Polyamory Part 2

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Finding a Puppy Name

I have been thinking about the process of deciding on a pup name for a while. I find it a fascinating subject because it wasn’t a struggle I had. I am Sparky, and I was Sparky before I even knew what pup play was. I was first named Sparky by my boss on the farm I worked on in college because I would drive the grain truck over the fresh cut fields. The axle on a grain truck can give of a single spark that can turn a wheat field into a roaring blaze in a matter of minutes, so I would hear “SLOW IT DOWN SPARKY” on the CB at least once a day.

The name stuck with the crew, but I didn’t use it elsewhere until a couple years later. I had moved to Seattle and my new roommate, out of the blue, called me Sparky. I stopped short and said, “Why did you call me that?” He didn’t know anything about the farm story, so it was shocking when he said that he just thought the name fit. A couple of weeks later it happened again with another friend, out of the blue and with someone not knowing the story of the other two times. The universe was trying to tell me something.

It wasn’t until nearly 6 years later that I even heard of puppy play. I didn’t have a name or framework for what I was feeling until then. There was Sean, who was responsible and serious, often times focused on a single goal with determination. And then there was Sparky, who was playful and bouncy, unpredictable and sometimes just wild. Looking back I felt like there was two sides to my personality for many years, and when Stompie (owner of Pupzone) first introduced me to the idea of puppy play it all suddenly made sense.

I figured out who Sparky was.

My name came easy to me. It resonated for me. For others, sometimes it doesn’t and it is hard to land on a puppy name. It is important to find one, however, because so much of who you are and how people start building a frame work of you as a puppy starts from that name. You may say, “I don’t like labels!”, sure, but sorry kids that is how the brain is wired. Once we have a label we start filling that label with attributes and associations that build a picture of who someone is. It isn’t perfect, but it’s what we got.

After talking with numerous pups out there about their naming experience I have found there are usually four blocks that inhibit a boy from settling on his puppy name.

Embarrassment – This is an easy discussion to have with a puppy whenever they think they have a name but won’t settle down with it because they are embarrassed for some reason. Maybe the name is too stylized, too gregarious, too sexual. It could be used too much (had a few contact me asking for permission to use my name – hint: I don’t own it!). Most of the time I tell them to just let go. If it makes their puppy side jump for joy, then go for it. If you want to be known as Pup Dildo, then Pup Dildo it is!

Overanalyze – This can be a toughie, as some pups will think about this name versus that name, do cost-benefit analysis charts, conduct surveys and focus group different names. I do love these kinds of pups, because they are so analytical that when you get them into true pup headspace they are the most joyful because of the contrast to their daily lives. For them, I tell them this: For years when I was a kid I played the violin. Tuning the strings is very important, and one of the first things you learn. It was the only thing about a violin I did well because I got from the beginning what the instructor was trying to tell us. Other kids would analyze the process, try to listen, develop patterns that dialed in the strings quickly, but I was always faster at it. I was often asked by the others to tune their strings for them before a concert. The part I figured out was just to listen for the string to resonate. When the string is just right it will vibrate in a way that causes you to feel “right”, the air around the strings and the neck of the instrument vibrate just “right”.  For pups that are analyzing their name, I tell them, pluck the string and see if it resonates, if it stirs an emotion of happiness and pride then you are there, you have found your name. Leave analyzing for work time and other non-pup boring crap.

Waiting for a Sir – As a pup that found my name before I heard of pups, let alone handlers, I am obviously not an advocate of waiting until you find a Sir or Handler to have them name you. There is a pup name in you that is waiting to come out, and a Handler that is worth their salt is only going to help get it out, not come up with something they just like. If the name is inside you then you can be the one to pull it out. Usually these pups, the ones that are saving themselves for a Sir before a name, are not really asking for advice for naming but rather validation for doing so. To them I just ask if they are still happy while they are waiting. Most are not, and the distress of not having a name is causing more harm than good. The answer is then easy. I usually tell these pups they have one week to settle on a name. GET TO IT! Worked so far with anyone I have had to be forceful with.

Mental block – Now here is a classic problem that has an answer. Everyone assumes that to be creative all you have to do is let inspiration do all the work and it will just come to you. The truth is that is the hardest way, and often the least successful. Those that make a living being creative do so using processes. Here is my favorite. Take a sheet of paper and just free form words about yourself or puppy play that you like (not necessarily names, just descriptive words). Write them at different angles and in different ways, use different pens. Don’t follow the lines. Set that sheet aside and on a new one, write down the alphabet from the top down. To the right of each letter do the same thing, write words about you or puppy play that are descriptive and that you like, that start with each letter. A words first, then B words, and so on. You can use words from the previous sheet, but don’t look at it. When done select the words that resonated with you. By now you should at least have some good words that you have liked from this process. Pick your favorite and  create a mind-map. To do this, put the word in the center of a new sheet, then think of names (labels, objects, nouns, whatever) that go with that word. Draw a line from the center of your selected word out and write one of your associated names or nouns out from it. The next name/noun you come up with can either be connected to the original, or the new one. Keep branching out as much as you need to. This works best if sheet ends up a mess, with lots and lots of branches. By now, some names will have percolated to the top, if not one single one, that you are starting to fall in love with. If you are, you can stop as that is your name, or keep going. Take a name from the mind map that is a likely candidate and write down all the attributes about that name. Is it strong. Fierce. Playful. Fun. Timid. Shy. Write them all down, then circle the ones that describe you. If not many, it isn’t the name for you. If you circle them all, that is your name. Repeat this process for other names from your mind map until you land on just the perfect name.

Finding a puppy name should be a fun process and it always saddens me when it stresses a boy out. Let it be fun. Let it be a self-discovery process and open yourself up to possibility. Being a puppy is a chance to be our ideal selves, so chasing after that in a way that is painful or distressing is only going to take you farther from your goal.

Good luck pups, can’t wait to hear your new name!

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Episode 56 – It’s a Pug

Puppy play is all the rage nowadays, with all the boys flocking to get their mitts on the latest hoods and tails. With all the fury of all that is going on, sometimes we forget that some of our kink sisters are puppies as well.

When I think of female pups, I always think of Pug. I have known her for years, having been introduced by some mutual friends. If you know her, you know Pug is someone that takes care of her friends and fellow pups, and just a delightful personal all around.

We thought that it would be a great way to bring up the topic of female pups by inviting her on the show and talking about who she is, where she comes from and where her kinks come from.

It was a great discussion and I am so glad she joined us on the show!


Show Notes

In the News

Discussion Topics

  •  Who is Pug
  • Being a female pup in the pup community
  • Her being a part of a gay leather family
  • LA Boys of Leather
  • Southern California Leather Gathering



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How to find a handler…

As I fly home from Tampa, Florida, I’m given a few hours just to reflect. For those of you who might not know, I had the honor and opportunity to compete in a little competition called International Puppy 2014 . . . No Biggie.  What made the trip so exciting and wonderful were the many different types of puppies we met, the different kinds of handler and pup dynamics, and just seeing how these types of puppies conduct themselves in large social settings. We met rubber pups, leather pups, boy pups, slave pups, alphas, betas, strays, and even puppies who didn’t want or need a handler. Even better, I was able to take this trip with my handler by my side, giving me constant support as I competed. My handler was, in all respects, there for me: helping me practice my speech, which you can view here, assisting my costume changes, and ensuring I was hydrated during photo shoots while emotionally and physically holding my hand and encouraging me 110%. As a puppy, having that sort of bonding time with your handler is what makes puppy play what it should be: Fun! I have a new respect for not only my handler for all he does, but handlers in general for putting up with our butt plugs, barking and constant need of nuzzles and attention. Even at competitions like International Puppy where the focus is mostly on the pup, we have to give credit to the handler in large part. It just wouldn’t run as smoothly without them helping behind the scenes, whether it’s grabbing entire costume changes at the last minute or providing first aid for obstacle course injuries — to name just a few of my own experiences. Being a handler is by no means a small responsibility, but I want to take this opportunity to thank mine from the bottom of my heart for being my handler and making my pup self the luckiest puppy ever!

Making the connection…


With that said, let’s get into the real meat of this topic: essentially it’s how and where puppies and handlers find one another. I’ve asked this question before of a number of people and have gotten a wide variety of replies. Often, the first response you hear is “online.” With social networking accounting for large percentages of online relationships, and puppies still being a very spread thin in many local communities, the internet has exploded with pups (which is ironic considering paws don’t actually make for easy typing). Every day I check my Pup Amp Facebook page only to discover a new friend request from a pup or two, usually accompanied with nuzzles and licks on my wall. As far as social networking goes, I think it’s done a wonderful thing for puppies and handlers: it has a given a low entry level for being a pup publically, allowed for making new pup friends, and finding potential handlers, whether they’re local or virtual. In fact, more than half the people I met in person at International Puppy this last weekend I had already interacted with at least once in an online chat — and many of them were handlers looking for pups.

In the very same way that social networking allows for “easy access” when searching for a pup/handler, another popular answer to “how did you meet your handler/pup” is “through online dating apps.” With apps like Recon, Scruff and Growlr, we see a whole community of handler/pup candidates at the very tips of our puppy paws who are virtually available 24/7. Ironically enough, Scruff is where I found my handler, Kevin, as well. I recommend dating apps for finding new people in your area, but with an additional word of warning about catfish as well (you can read that post here)  Never assume anything about someone you’ve only met online. Always be cautious and aware that you, as a pup or a handler, have rights and can make choices when looking for your pup play counterpart.

Last, but far from least remains another fairly typical answer to finding a handler is to simply not to look in the first place! I like to think that being yourself is ultimately what someone will be drawn to or put off by, and if being a puppy just happens to be the icing on the cake — hey, even better! You’d be surprised how many times I hear how someone goes on a date, totally unsuspecting that the other person might have their own kinks, only to find a pup or handler sitting across the table from them.  Similarly, I’ve even had a pup friend approached at a bar by a stranger who got the pup’s attention by calling him “puppy,” out of nowhere. And it was all downhill from there. Not looking and keeping options open is the most stress-free way to find a pup or handler,  and that approach will provide for less desperate circumstances and pave the way for a more organic relationship to form.

Always protect yourself…DSC_6688

Once you’ve gotten through all that risk-taking and connection-making and you’ve found a prospective handler or pup, then what? First and foremost, you have to test that person out, make a checklist of need/wants/red flags and start chatting. Make sure this person is who you want and who he/she says they are. I’ll be the first to admit to doing some cyberstalking of new love interests, be it puppy or not. Everyone in today’s day and age has at least some sort of Facebook presence, and you should never feel bad for doing a discreet background check of your own to keep yourself safe. And well before you start the negotiations, you should make sure you click with the person. Get to know the person you’re interested in and consider your chat a kind of job interview, but with a lot more lube. Speaking from the personal experience my handler and I had, we moved after chatting on Scruff to very detailed e-mails back and forth where we really got to know each other and began to make a deep connection. These e-mails were also well before making any plans to meet in person. (The funniest part, we found later, was that we had more than a few common friends and had actually met at a birthday party a month or two before we found each other online and started to discuss puppies.) We made ourselves as transparent as possible and began our negotiations and stated expectations from there. While some of those initial expectations have stayed the same over time, a relationship such as this tends to also evolve as involved parties work to maintain open lines of communication.

When it’s all said and done, the most important thing is to be yourself — and expect no less from any perspective pup or handler.I can promise you will know if that next person is right for you when they come along. Explore and experience the pup community, but know that a handler does not make a pup, and a pup does not make a handler. Be open, be safe, be consensual, and don’t forget to have some tail-wagging and squirrel chasing fun along the way!


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Shorts 03 – Organizing a Puppy Group

For this show, we are joined by the president of Seattle Pups and Handlers (SEA-PAH), Matthew! The group has been going through the process of establishing all of the details it takes to be an organization. The board is meeting soon to discuss what comes next for the group.

It’s always interesting to check-in with groups when they are at this stage to see what is involved with taking the group up to that next level. It takes a lot of work to set up an organization to thrive for years to come. Litters of pups to come will be grateful!


Show Notes

Discussion Topics

  •  The “Julie the Cruise Director Story”
  • We get to know Matthew here is a bit
  • The structure of the puppy group
  • The types of events they put on
  • Their upcoming board retreat and why they are organizing

About Our Guest

Matthew is the president of Seattle Pups and Handlers (SEA-PAH), one of the upstart puppy groups taking root throughout the Northwest and the rest of the US. Check out their website for more information about  their group. Find Matthew at recon.com/ILove1stClass.


This episode sponsored by: Mr. S Leather.



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Amp’in it up!

*sniff sniff… *

So you’re probably wondering to yourself, “self, who is this crazed, masked freak sniffing me?!”

Well after any good sniffing from a pup comes a proper introduction of who that puppy is. Who, huh? Who is but the form following the function of what, and what I am is a human in a puppy mask.  However, “who” I am is far more important to the substance of this blog than what.  So let me simply say that it’s my “Amp-le” opportunity to auspiciously announce that it’s a pleasure to meet you and that you may call me Amp. I am a human puppy, and I am writing this blog to discuss and explore the world of puppy play.

Like many people in life, I have an interest within a certain community and I want to share ideas, ideals, and answer questions to further the progress of an already growing kink called puppy play.  Human dog training, or puppy, is a playful, loving type of roleplay where one person assumes the role of a pup (playful affectionate sub) while another person, the Handler (caretaker and owner of the pup).   Puppies come in all shapes and sizes, genders and backgrounds — and even breeds; they just happen to see doctors who treat them instead of vets. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet . . . no spoilers!

The Road to Puppy Play…

Let me tell you about my own pedigree. I didn’t always dream of romping around on all fours and barking at squirrels. I too had my own introduction into what constitutes a human puppy.  Ironically enough, I’ve always grown up fascinated by dogs. Growing up as a gay boy in a Catholic grade school, I was somewhat of a stray myself, and I loved how loyal dogs were; how affectionate and unconditional they were in their love (even after you chopped their balls off).

Fast forwarding to 2011, I witnessed the wagging buttplugs and playful masks of puppies for the first time at a local bar.  I was taken aback at first, watching their tails furiously bouncing as the boys romped around nearly naked. But I also noticed one thing inside those floppy hoods: their eyes gleamed, and the way they sparkled with such a playful nature gave off an almost raw representation of their emotions. I was curious. It wasn’t until a camping trip with some gay friends later that year that I first witnessed a puppy and handler outside of gear. The connection they shared was deeper, more meaningful and so fucking adorable compared to any vanilla relationship I had ever seen. I was hooked; I wanted to be a puppy.  So naturally, I did what any boy does to distinguish a human from a dog; I decided to buy a rubber tail and stick it up my ass! Clearly, I was still new to this…

Puppy wants a bone

Amp at The Best in Show Show.

What is Puppy Play to me…

So what have I learned since then, and what is a puppy, anyway? Well, since those first interactions, I have grown as a kinky person and as a pup. I learned quickly after much lube and discomfort, that a tail is not what makes the pup.  No, a pup is distinguished by his actions and instincts: loving and loyal, inquisitive and playful, and, from time to time, full of mischief. So what is and isn’t puppy play? Puppy play is not about bestiality.  Similarly, puppies are not about humiliation, at least not initially. At the core, puppies are about that unconditional love, that spark of playfulness in a pup’s eye when he sees a squeaky toy, and that connection I had witnessed so long ago while camping.  Being a puppy —  to me — is about an opportunity to step outside my identity in the world of responsible adults who have bills to pay and jobs to do.   Amp provides a much-needed outlet to unwind, to be my puppy self and be as playful and sexual as I want with my handler.

Getting Involved…

I’m blessed that Seattle has such a wonderful kink community and active pup group, Sea-Pah (Seattle Pups and Handlers), both communities of which have always given me a safe place I felt accepted and appreciated.  Since becoming a pup, I’ve competed in a number of events like The Best In Show Show (held by SEA-PAH) and the Northwest Puppy (held by Cascadia Leather Rising) both events of which I won runner-up awards and enjoyed a tail-wagging good time. I’ve been to a number of major leather and rubber events, including IML and Rubbout. Similarly, I’m also involved as the current “Barketing Manager” who handles all graphics and marketing on the Sea-Pah Board of Directors, where I assist in fundraising events.   I’ve networked with pups around the world and started to produce and distribute pup fetish gear providing pups with a way to show pride wherever they go.

So let me just end by saying that I cannot wait to dive in, doggy-paddle furiously, maybe even splash a cat or two as I start this blog. I look forward to discussing the full range of pup topics, answering questions, and, with any luck, shedding new light on the diversity of viewpoints in the ever-expanding universe of puppy play.  More than even that, though, I want to give back to a community that has given me so much!

Like, share, comment and question, and I’ll catch you kinksters later! Dont forget to follow me on Twitter and Facebook
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