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Episode 266 – Chewey is Solo

Description of Show

Today we talk with someone who describes himself as Aromantic (“Aro”) which is very different from someone who is Asexual (“Ase”). Aromanticism relates to the spectrum of who one dates or chooses for a relationship as opposed to the sexual spectrum. Aromantics do not desire relationships though often still lead active sexual lives like our guest today, Chewey. We first spoke about this recently in the episode Piss Goats.

The Aromantic pride flag represents a number of different identity groups including Aros, Lithromantics, Grey-romantics and Demiromantics. Green is chosen because it is the opposite color of red, the color most associated with love.

 Show Notes

  • In the News
    • Canadians sometimes have horrific alien births but even stay nice through that too.
    • Thousands of pounds of steel grinding balls roll down a steep hill in Seattle.
    • This just in, having red hair gets you the most and best sex.
  • Our Guest: Chewey
    • Was previously married but was unhappy
    • Found he was unhappy and apprehensive about dating and seeking a relationship
    • Does not feel that being partnered with someone long term meets his emotional needs.

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Guest Bio

Originally from a small town in Idaho, I now live and kween the fuck out in Washington, DC, flipping off the presidential motorcade whenever I see it. I spent a good amount of time dating and three years in a marriage before I fully accepted how little I was interested in romantic relationships, preferring the friendships and family that I am more interested in exploring deeply. How I think of myself: leather pup, kween, disco pig, totes masc gurl, thot, doggy daddy, relentlessly gay. Follow me on Instagram, @cheweydelt


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