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Episode 34 – Year In Chastity

Back when Dreadfire was still our roommate, a few months ago, his boyfriend from Chicago came to visit. Smarmaduke, or Aaron, might be best known for his blog (archived here) where he to chronicled being in chastity for an entire year! And after all that, he still wanted more… if you are a big fan of chastity, this one is the one for you.

We had a great time learning about Aaron, where he came from and started in kink, including his very first scene involving fisting!  And his adventures with getting on planes now that he is all locked up.

Sit back and enjoy getting to know our friend Aaron!


Show Notes

Discussion Topics

  • Experiences blogging his chastity for 1 year
  • What was it like starting in kink so young?
  • Coming out story
  • What is your preferred chastity device?
  • How do you clean it and yourself?
  • What was the reward for 1 year of chastity?
  • Will you do it again?

About Our Guestsmarmaduke full

Aaron otherwise known as Smarmaduke grew up in the midwest and now calls Chicago his home. After a very wholesome upbringing and religiously-tinged schooling he jumped in ass first to the scene and has never gone back. He broke into some community renown for his year of blogging under chastity… 365 days in a device. He lives with his boyfriend Dreadfire in Chicago. Find him on Twitter, Recon, and his archived blog A Year Under Lock and Key.

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