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Episode 152 – ToyTorture

In this show we interview ToyTorture, a fun kinkster from Kink Heav– I mean Germany! We talk about his life experience growing up kinky and how he started his toy review website ToyTorture.com. We compare the differences in the various kink-cultures he’s gotten to experience and the expansion of kink culture.

Show Notes


About Our Guest

Growing up in a rural area of the coast of nothern Germany Frederik was kinky dirty boy before he even knew the word “sex”. Once he discovered the internet he was soon all over the (porn) place. Being a shy and introverted yet happy pig who is willing to try everything at least twice he is almost always open for a good discussion about BDSM history and theory, play scenes and snuggles.

To let others participate on his quest of finding the best toys for great scenes and to give something back to the community, he started ToyTorture.com in 2012 a website focusing on reviewing BDSM toys and helping new people into the sometimes overwhelmingly complex world of BDSM. Through his website he got to know our own Drew Lion who he started off on his “real” journey into kink on a trip to San Francisco.

When he is not working (for his website) or is looking for love in all the wrong places he enjoys going to the gym, reading, playing PC and table top RPGs and way too much baking cakes. You can follow his kinky live on Recon, PlanetRomeo, Twitter and of course ToyTorture.com.


Mr. S Leather Co.

This episode sponsored by: Mr. S Leather. For this episode we feature the Double Strap Suspender Harness.


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