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Episode 66 – Young Guns Part 1

Some friends of Daddy Tony’s were in town, visiting from San Francisco, and we thought this was a great opportunity to talk with them. Erick and Christopher have been together for a few years, and have been working in their community with the Young Leathermen’s Discussion Group (TYLG).

We took the time to talk with them about what it is like to be a young leatherman, especially in a community as established as San Francisco. The conversation went so well we ran out of time to go over all the topics we wanted to cover, so we split this one in two parts.

We will have part two later in the week!

(btw, stick to the end, there is extra this time)

Show Notes

In the News

Discussion Topics

  • YLDG – Young Leathermen Discussion Group
  • Age differentials and the dynamics they create

About Our Guest


Erick was born in Guatemala City, Guatemala but raised in Arizona; Chris was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. They both moved to San Francisco [separately] in their early twenties where they started dabbling in kink. They met in January of 2010 and quickly discovered each other’s kinky curiosity. Soon after, their mere dabbling turned into a ‘full stream’ of play and exploration; one that continues to this day.


Erick has written articles for Instigator Magazine under the pen name “Havoc,” and has held many positions in various LGBT fundraising organizations that he still volunteers for from time to time. He currently works at The Edge Bar in Castro, even hosting a monthly gear event called CODE, which Chris helps create marketing materials for. Chris has previously taken part of an HIV vaccine study and also volunteers with many LGBT organizations around the city. They, along with four others, also started the Young Leathermen’s Discussion Group to help other fellow young kinksters. Chris stepped in as Judge’s Boy for the Hayes Valley Leather Contest years ago and that’s where both him and Erick got their start in the contest scene.


Together, for the past four years, they have been helping run the Mr. San Francisco Leather Contest; Chris now as Judge’s Coordinator and Erick now as Den Daddy. Erick has also taken on producing the Mr. Edge Leather Contest.


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