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Something Fishy

Catfish are a rare breed of fish in the kink community. Easy on the palette initially, catfish are a delicacy that’s never sought after, but it’s likely everyone will find it on the menu eventually. And make no mistake: Catfish are clever. They flop around for your attention and they might even give you a […]

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You Know You’re a Puppy When

Coming to accept your inner puppy is a big step for people as they trek through their kink (and otherwise vanilla, or so-called “normal”) lives.  Choosing to join a new subculture, learning, exploring and otherwise defining oneself further is often life-changing. While coming out of the closet in my late teens was a huge part […]

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Pet Play and Puppies

  It was a chilly walk down the street to “The Bunker,” as it was called.  So much bouncing around inside my head about this new kink I was about to venture into; puppy play. As I walked, the city was the same; cars honking and sirens blaring in the usual chorus of city sounds.  Everyone in the […]

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Amp’in it up!

*sniff…* *sniff sniff… * So you’re probably wondering to yourself, “self, who is this crazed, masked freak sniffing me?!” Well after any good sniffing from a pup comes a proper introduction of who that puppy is. Who, huh? Who is but the form following the function of what, and what I am is a human […]

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More puppy material? OK! Here comes Pup Amp!

Time to announce a new addition to the team! Our very own Pup Amp will be joining the NoSafeWord crew as a blog contributor, writing up blog posts from the point of view of a puppy in this big bad world! Look for more info on those blog posts coming soon! To find out more […]

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Audience Responses to Episode 41 Questions

Like we did for Episode 40, for this show we put out some questions to our audience, both via twitter and the crew watching in the studio, some questions about kink in general. We read some of the answers on the air, but we had a few more that we wanted to make sure got […]

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Audience Responses to Episode 40 Questions

During Episode 40 with Neil we put out some questions to our listeners, both via our twitter feed and to the group of guys we had over for the show’s recording. There were a lot of interesting answers to the questions, and since we were not able to get to them all we thought we […]

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Upcoming Podcast Releases

Hey all! Daddy Tony and myself (Sparky) are very soon going to be heading out of town for a few weeks. During that time we won’t be recording new episodes of the show. This Friday we will be recording the last show before we head out, and it is a great show you don’t want […]

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Big Kink Event Tips for Newbies

After having gone to so many IMLs it feels weird to be on my second year in a row of not going, and going to miss the opportunity to see so many of the great people I know across the country that I just don’t get to see often enough. But I know a lot […]

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In The Power of Vulnerability, Dr. Brene Brown, a professor at the University of Houston College of Social Work, delivered one of the most powerful speech conclusions I have ever heard in a TEDtalk. Dr. Brown’s goal was to have people change their perspective on vulnerability from a source of pain to a source of […]

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Sad News of Another Loss

As seen on a friend’s blog, there is an announcement of another loss in the community due to self breath play. It is extremely sad to hear of this loss, and our hearts go out to the family and friends of Pup Kai. As a practitioner of breath play myself, at times like these I […]

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What Does NoSafeWord Mean?

To welcome all of our new readers and listeners, I wanted to repost this post from December of 2011 by Sparky explaining the meaning of the name NoSafeWord to this blog and podcast: First, it is a play on words, meaning that there is no subject that I think should be off the table for […]

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Goodbye Jason, we lost more than just the MIR

Earlier this week the gay community was rocked by the news of the passing of Jason Lynch, the current Mister International Rubber. Those of us here at NoSafeWord extend our heartfelt condolences to his partner and his family as they deal with this heart wrenching loss. We also want to extend our hearts and support […]

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MAL Hypno – The Final Installment

This post is part 1 of 3 in the series MAL – Hypno Bondage.      So, there is a final piece to the Hypno story that I haven’t shared yet. My willingness to write up play sessions lately has been a little diminished due to a hectic schedule, but this particular encounter is stuck […]

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